Tips When Hiking In The Heat

Summer's here and although it may be smart to avoid hiking in the heat-of-the-day, with proper planning you can still enjoy your weekly hikes! 

Here are some tips on staying safe when hiking in the heat: 

1) Be sure to apply Sunscreen 30 minutes before you get on the trails, and every 80 minutes thereafter. Lipbalm with SPF is a must as well. 

2) Water and Electrolytes. Hydrating days prior to a big hike can help to minimize the dehydration. You should always carry 2-3 liters of water, and extra in the heat. Hydrate after your hike with electrolytes too. A few things that can help are SaltStick Capsules, Nuun tablets, and good old Coconut water. 


3) A hat will help keep your head cool and protect you from direct sunlight as well. Ideally you should grab a hat that is lightweight, quick-drying, with SPF and UV protection. 

4) Hike early or early evening - or go for a night hike on the next full moon! The summer is a perfect time to get up early and watch the sunrise or an evening sunset hike. 

5. Recognize the symptoms of Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. 

If you have any other tips please comment below! Stay safe and enjoy your hikes.