52 Hike Challenge Featured by REI in Force Of Nature Magazine

It is an honor to share how the 52 Hike Challenge began.

Growing up a teen mom, I, Karla felt ashamed for many years because I thought I let my family down. I stayed in an unhealthy marriage for over a decade because I thought that was what I "should do."

One day I hit rock bottom and knew I had to change. I found self love, and met my soulmate and co-founder of the 52 Hike Challenge, Phillip, who took me hiking. It was with his support and my own inner work, that my life truly changed. I am so thankful to Phillip, for guiding me through my personal #52hikechallenge, and showing me everything I know about nature's healing powers.

Thank you to every single person who believes in what we do at the here at the 52 Hike Challenge - we have big dreams and goals and we're just getting started. Thank you REI for believing in us to represent the #forceofnature movement. Thank you to every single 52 Hike Challenger, who is now taking the torch, and making an impact by taking on our challenge too - you are a #forceofnature