How Can I Help Support This Global Movement?

Currently, the 52 Hike Challenge is run 100% by volunteers and we are super grateful for the people that help contribute to our community!  If you love what we are doing - providing positive motivation, encouraging people (including you) to make a positive change in your life, then we would love to have you contribute back as a "Thank You" to our mission.  Some ways of doing that include:

1.  Help us grow!  We want to continue to inspire people all over the world to get outdoors and we could really use some help.  If you can make time to help assist us on Social Media, building our website to bring cool features to the community, or maybe know some things that will help us get sponsors, we would be super thankful.  Please take a minute to see where we can use help and fill out the form below.  Right now we can occasionally give gifts from our sponsors as a thank you, and we believe this can turn into a real job, if you wish.  Not to mention, we're great people to work with because we're supportive and want everyone to achieve their fullest potential!   If you are interested in bringing the 52 Hike Challenge to your hiking group or organizing your own hiking group, please visit our Local Groups page, then read our policies and procedure for more details.

2.  Purchase the Official 52 Hike Challenge Patch or some of our Official Merchandise.  It's not much of a revenue stream, but it does help us and we hope it gives you extra motivation to keep challenging yourself! 

3.  Spread our word to your corporate wellness center at work.  We would love to speak and help kick off your fitness program - either a walking, running, or hiking group!  Our 52 Hike Challenge can also be used to rally people to raise money for the charity of your choice, please contact us and select "Partnership" to inquire more.

4.  Buy from REI, the Official Outdoor Retailer of 52 Hike Challenge, through our special link.  Yes, we make a small commission through this link, so if you're going to buy at REI, why not click through our page first?  This referral gives us a small fraction of money, but every bit of it helps.  All discounts still apply as well as their awesome 100% satisfaction guarantee - and no, we can't see who bought what, REI just tells us when someone purchased with our link.  Shop Select Gear We Recommend or Shop Everything at REI

5.  Donate.  We would like to give gift cards to those who volunteer and you can be a great help by donating some funds that will help the good karma flowing.  Any extra funds will go towards costs of running this movement: website hosting, design, as well as future expansion (potentially creating an App).  Please consider donating, every dollar helps and we truly appreciate your support! 


Thank You!