Starting a 52 Hike Challenge Group & Finding Groups in Your Area

We would be honored to have you start up a 52 Hike Challenge Group in your area, but first we must have you review our policies and procedures (with example) for doing so.  Be sure to add your group below so others can find you!  

Other Ways to Find Local Hiking Groups

If you want to find more about outings, be sure to check out the Sierra Club, they have groups for everyone.  Be sure to check out the "I" and "O" rated trips, you don't have to be a Sierra Club member to join those trips.  The Wilderness Travel Course (WTC) is also very good and will set you up for learning the basics of the outdoors.

Another great place to meet people is Meet-up.  If you haven't heard about this site, you need to.

Please Add Your Group Below:  

For the following, Please Note: Beginner (Slow pace, 1-5 Miles), Intermediate (6-12 Miles and/or Elevation Gain up to 2,500 Feet), Advanced (~4 MPH and/or Elevation Gain >4,000 Feet)