Delivering hiking essentials conveniently to your door

It all started when...

We found ourselves going to the store to resupply the essentials we needed before each hike - nutrition, sunblock, hydration and wishing there was a better way to get a variety of these products on a consistent basis.  We felt it was an inconvenience to go to the store every time and we didn't want to buy cases of the same flavor in bulk online, not to mention, they would expire (particularly organics) before we had time to eat them all.  We also liked picking up an occasional new item to try out and found most subscription boxes just offered a bunch of random stuff we didn't want or need.  This is where My Hiking Box got it's origins - the first subscription box to resupply you with the essentials you need, and customized to quantities and flavors you like (with a surprise item to try), every month.   

We are still deciding on exactly which brands we will supply (leaning towards organics), but want to get your input.  As an incentive, each person who takes our survey will be entered to win a 3 month subscription when My Hiking Box launches (estimated early January 2017) and every person who enters will get a 10% discount on their first order - just our way of saying thank you for providing your input and helping us offer a subscription box you want!  Please allow for 10 minutes to take this survey. 

If you are a hiking organization leader who would also like to supply a box, perhaps with a few of your own branded items (i.e. patches, etc.)?  We would be happy to work together to reduce costs!  Contact us if you are a hiking organization leader after you have taken the survey.