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Below you will learn more about the 3 challenges we offer: The Original 52 Hike Challenge, The Adventure Series and the all new 2017 Explorer's Series.

After you sign up for the challenge we will email you the password to the Resources we have created for you. This includes:

  •  A Guide to the Challenge to learn everything you need to know in order to successfully complete the 52 Hike Challenge.  
  • Hiking Logs
  • Challenger Connection
  • List of 52 Trails in every state, courtesy of All Trails
  • Local Hiking Groups or The Ability to Add Your Group As a Resource
  • Forum* (with prepaid finisher Medal purchase) 
  • Much More

***Also, please read our FAQ section for all those details like "what is considered a hike?"  

             Recommended for 1st Time

             Recommended for 1st Time

The Original 52 Hike Challenge

Are you ready to take on a life changing journey?  Are you ready to do whatever it takes to complete the challenge, including meeting new adventure partners and exploring places you have never been before?  If so, we welcome you to the challenge! 

The goal of the original 52 Hike Challenge is to help you get outdoors once a week for a year. 

Most people start their journey here, and they never look back. 

          Recommended for 2nd Time

          Recommended for 2nd Time

Adventure Series

We added the Adventure Series because we wanted you to have a well rounded experience, going to beautiful places and connecting with the people who care for making this planet more sustainable.  We believe this list will enrich your life and make this 52 Hike Challenge journey memorable for years to come.

  • 5 Waterfalls (even if they are dry)

  • 1 Forest (if not possible, go to National Park/ Site)

  • 1 National Parks, Monuments, Preserves, Recreation Area or Historic Trail

  • 2 Hikes to bodies of water: Lakes, Rivers, or Ocean

  • 1 Stewardship hike (pick up trash or join group to help with a restoration project)

  • 1 Group hike (if you are regular to one group, visit a new group to meet new people)

  • 1 Introduce someone new to hiking (on an easy trail)

  • 1 Hike from your Bucket list (somewhere you have always wanted to go)

  • 1 Sunrise or Sunset Hike

  • 3 Reflection hikes (journal at the beginning, middle, and towards the end of your challenge).

            Recommended for 3rd Time

            Recommended for 3rd Time

Explorer Series

The explorer Series is your chance to explore 52 New Trails!

For 2017 we decided that it would be a true challenge for some people to explore a new trail every week. Several challengers have already done so, and have inspired us to get you to explore some new places you may not even know about. 

You can do various trails in one park and make the hike different each time as well. 

So what are you waiting for? Get out and explore!

By signing up to take the 52 Hike Challenge, you are also acknowledging you are agreeing to our disclaimer & terms of use below (basically, hike at your own risk, we're just here to cheer you on in your personal journey).