Safety is the #1 Priority...

the mountains will always be there

We want to make sure all of you are aware that there are dangerous conditions in the outdoors, especially where there is snow.  In the above video segment we talked about the proper tools you need to know how to use ANYTIME you decide to go where there is snow (yes, anytime).  In other words, we ABSOLUTELY recommend you take a couple mountaineering classes before you even think about going out to any place that has snow.  I (Phillip) have been mountaineering since 2002 and can tell you there have been time when I was only a few hundred feet from the summit, came across snow, and decided to turn back because I didn't have the proper protection (ice axe, crampons, and helmet).  As a matter of fact, there have been several times I had to turn back, a few times I have had 3 or more failed summit attempts on the same mountain, which is very frustrating!  There is a saying and it goes like this: "There are bold mountaineers and there are old mountaineers.  But there are no old, bold mountaineers" -Unknown.  

You MUST respect the mountains, nature, and the wild.  Be safe out there, and please pass on this information to others so they know, it could save their life.



1) Google: "Ice Axe and Crampon Training" or "Avalanche Level 1 Training" to find a mountain guiding company that will teach you IN-PERSON, on the snow.  Do not try to learn from a book, video, or friend... your life is worth more than any amount of money paid for this education and training. 

2) Take a class from a professional mountain guiding service.  Some of these guides are certified, the AMGA or IFMGA certification is the credential you would want to look for, some guides have been in business for over 10 years and are not certified, but whatever you do, DO NOT LEARN FROM A FRIEND.