Top 5 Tips on Reserving Havasupai Permits

Liliana Anais, wrote in to us to ask the following question: "I have been trying to hike Havasu Falls but haven't been able to get a permit do you by chance know of an easier way to get a permit? The only other open I found was extremely expensive and didn't want to go that route. Any help or advice would be appreciated." So we decided to take the time to collect our community's responses on their top tips to getting permits to Havasupai Falls. Check out the top 5 tips to reserving Havasupai permits below. 

1. Plan ahead. 

YOU MUST HAVE A PERMIT/RESERVATION TO VISIT.  Only overnights are allowed, you cannot day hike it. Reservations open in February and they book up quick! For the first time this year, online reservations were taken, however, they are currently sold out. (This is the message from their website. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: Due to overwhelming reservation requests our online reservations will be unavailable. We are working with Sunrise Reservations to make online reservations available in the future. Please check back. For campground reservations you can also still call the Tourist Office at 928-448-2121.  For Havasupai Lodge reservations please call them directly 928-448-2111.

  • shelovesarizona They have now posted a website this year for permits. They release the permits on February 1st, my advice would be to plan now for 2018 and be ready to book on February 1, 2018. We booked on February 2nd (the day they released the online system) and by the end of the day they were about gone. Thousands of people come here every year so it fills up quick. Please note - You HAVE to have a permit to backpack and camp. 
  • weputthefuinfun Been a couple times, and never had an issue getting a permit but then social media came and I haven't tried since, as with any permit situation important to plan way in advance, also important to note that they make you pay for an overnight trip, you don't have to camp, but you have to pay for a site, as it warms up plan to leave early, it warms up quickly, especially on the hike out.
  • Sigifredo Zepeda They have a website now but they only take reservations on Feb 1st. Within that first week, they get booked for the whole year. Unless you get lucky and someone cancels. Also they changed their terms of payment... One has to pay for everyone and all the days of the camping trip all at once now. 

2. Be flexible and plan to visit off season or on weekdays.

  • rachelecornett Consider going in the off season. Weather was good and no crowds!
  • Pamela Michal There is really no easy way to get a reservation... The thing is you need to keep dialing over and over. It's pretty much booked through Oct I believe. Best of luck next year or try to go when it's not the busy time. We went in October and it was beautiful!!
  • Katrina Reid I finally got through after 2 days of calling. They are all booked through October so I made reservations for the end of November. Won't be able to swim but at least I'll see the beautiful water falls. Oh and yes they charged my card for all 4 people.
  • hisnheradventures  This year they raised the prices.  Going during the week is much easier than a weekend. One needs four days to enjoy the trip including the long drive. Hope that helps.

3. Be Persistent. Cancellations do occur.

  • springs2002 Be persistent and keep calling them. Eventually you'll get thru to their reservation office.
  • sabrinabattistagollust I did Havasu last year and I believe it took me and one other girl 3 months of calling to get through. We would go through spurts of 5-6 hours of calling non-stop every day, and then we got kinda discouraged, and did every few days for a few hours. The key was persistence... Also if you join the Havasu Facebook page that could be helpful. I know I saw last year a lot of people would say they suddenly couldn't go anymore and we're giving away their dates. If anybody has any questions about Havasu feel free to pm me. 
  • backpacking_beauties As of now it is booked, but people make cancellations all the time, so I would keep an eye out. Check often because in the beginning people book whatever dates they can get, just to later change them when the more ideal dates open up.
  • shoestringadventures Be flexible and try calling to see if there are last minute cancellations when you are available to go!

4. Reserve the lodge.

Rates start at $145 per night for up to four people, deposits + permits additional. Get more information here.

chuangers Currently responding from the In N Out in Kingman, AZ after 3 amazing nights at Havasupai. It's much easier getting lodge reservations than campsites. I booked a year in advance and went during the off season. Way less people at the falls and on the trails. Also calling right at 8 am repeatedly or right before 8 am helps too. Good luck and happy trails!

5. Be Respectful. Be Educated. Pack it in pack it out.

  • taniainnature Havasupai is such a magical place! This is a sacred place for the Havasupai people and for that reason it should be respected and taken care of. We are all guests to these lands let's pack our trash on our way out 😁😁
  • jazohikes74  Please if you do visit Respect their Reservation and do not criticize their way of living. Let's also keep that beautiful place clean for everyone to enjoy! Best of luck for those 2018 permits! 😊👏👣❤️
  • ssvuv2010 Please clean up after yourselves: everything from chairs, inflatables, food scum, candy wrappers, etc. It is quite disappointing to see trash all over the trail as you go in thru the canyon and throughout the campsite. Be aware. Be conscious. Love our earth. Keep it clean.

We hope you've enjoyed these tips and if you have any comments leave them below. - Phillip and Karla 

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