If you have finished the 52 Hike Challenge, CONGRATULATIONS!  We would love to hear from you, please fill out our Interview Form below so that we may feature your story and share your words of wisdom for all the other challengers!  

If you would like your story to be considered for our book, please submit a photo of yourself hiking and a 200-500 word max. story about how taking on the 52 Hike Challenge has had a positive impact on your life.  So far we will be categorizing our book into the following topics: family bonding, motivation for weight loss, gaining a positive outlook on life/ increasing mental wellness, coping with life threatening illnesses (i.e. cancer), creating new friends, finding love, and gaining confidence to achieve other life goals that you never thought possible.

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We want to hear from you and welcome you to add your inspirational story here (200-500 words max) for the opportunity to be featured in our book! If taking on the challenge helped you with weight loss, increase mental wellness, overcome physical disabilities, cope with life threatening illnesses (i.e. Cancer), create new friends/ strengthen family bonds, or gain confidence to achieve other life goals, please let us know about it here.
If no Social Media, email us a photo of you hiking at 52HikeChallenge@gmail.com, Subject: Finished!
We really do care and want you to succeed beyond the 52 Hike Challenge, please let us know how we can better help you and continue having you in our community.
i.e. Was it easy to find others to go hiking with? Did you feel you were adequately prepared with product knowledge to go outdoors? Any suggestions would be much appreciated as we are trying to make the outdoors a comfortable place for people to explore :)
If yes, please let us know about it, the number of hikes you currently lead or plan on leading per month. We would like to support other hiking groups through various ways, including expanding our reach through partnerships. Please let us know if this of interest to you and how we can support you in being an advocate for the 52 Hike Challenge. You can also fill this out in our Contact Us - Working With My Group for a faster response.

*All finishers will be listed in our book and other 52 Hike Challenge related materials. By submitting this form, you acknowledge that some or all of your story, may be included in 52 Hike Challenge -related materials to motivate future challengers.

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Thank you again for taking on and completing the 52 Hike Challenge! You have inspired others, whether you realize it or not, we appreciate you sharing your story with us and future challengers so that they can accomplish their own 52 Hike Challenge!