Are you ready to make positive changes in your life?

The 52 Hike Challenge is a global movement to inspire and encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zone in order to achieve the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that are gained from getting outdoors. 

Many of us have embarked on the 52 Hike Challenge to take that first step in a life changing journey - and the culture we wish every "challenger" instills is one of support for each other.  We welcome you to the challenge and hope to be the best decision you ever made. 

52 Hike Challenge

Are you ready to take on a life changing journey?  Are you ready to do whatever it takes to complete the challenge, including meeting new adventure partners and exploring places you have never been before?  If so, we welcome you to the challenge! 

2016 Adventure Series

Do you want to complete the Original 52 Hike Challenge with a few objectives in mind? Do you want to see waterfalls, lakes and national parks? Check out this new 2016 challenge that we believe will make a stronger impact in your life. 


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NEVER ever did I imagine pushing myself to such extreme limits, but I thank GOD literally for my protection and giving me the strength to endure. How the 52 hike challenge has changed my life, well gosh it's even hard to put it into words!!! As I am very much grateful for the vision that was pioneered by Karla and Phil.. I am forever changed!!! The mountains have taught me so much about myself. I have grown so much spiritually and physically. I will end this with YOU too can DO IT!! Don't be intimidated go out and EXPLORE you will not regret it! It will be LIFE changing! – Elizabeth Luna

Toward the end of 2013, I weighed 198 pounds, which is not ideal for my 5-foot-7 frame. I did not want to go over that 200-pound plateau, so I decided to eat more healthy, cut certain foods out of my diet and get more exercise. I started running often and eventually started hiking more and more. All that helped me lose a total of 56 pounds. Now, I'm just trying to maintain my weight and hiking is helping me accomplish that. I'd just like to thank you guys for creating the 52 Hike Challenge. It's an awesome group and is helping so many people out! – Wade Denston

Very early on I decided that I was going to hike 52 different trails and that actually opened up a treasure trove of local gems that I would otherwise have never explored. - Isabelle Galan

What started as a challenge to push my physical limits turned into breaking my mental limitations. As time went on, I began to realize how truly welcoming everyone was, and slowly but surely started preparing myself mentally to join my first group hike. I can't really describe the feeling after it was all said and done... It was as if a wall had broken down inside me, and I knew I had accomplished something major for myself. – Mark Davis

Being allowed to roam freely in nature taught me many valuable lessons about self-sufficiency, what berries to eat and which to avoid, how to climb trees and how to be content while alone. I miss that magical quality to childhood, so when our daughter was born I was beyond elated to get to live vicariously with and through her, to glimpse the world anew. Thus far we have hiked over 600 miles together in her first year of life. I hope to continue to instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for the natural world and to see the magic of it through her eyes for years to come.  – Britt and Tala Sheflin

Bring the 52 Hike Challenge to Your Company!

It truly has been rewarding to help people change their lives in a positive way and an even greater honor for companies to ask us to bring the 52 Hike Challenge to their organization!  If you would like to bring the 52 Hike Challenge to your organization - including setting up a wellness program, leading company hikes, speaking engagements, and licensing our logo for your merchandising, please contact us for partnership inquiries.    

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