Hiking With Sole: Top Tips To Find The Best Hiking Footwear With Quality Soles

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Are your hiking boots providing enough comfort and support so you can go the extra mile?

No matter your adventure, you should always make sure your feet feel good in your shoes.

After all, your feet are your foundation. They carry you through each day and out on your most epic adventures. They support you from the ground up, so you should give them the TLC they deserve.

Take care of your feet by finding hiking shoes that provide the support and protection you need to power through long treks and tough terrain.

But keep in mind not all hiking footwear is created equal.

In this blog, you will find out:

  • How to make sure your hiking boots fit right
  • What to look for when selecting hiking footwear
  • Why the sole of your trekking shoe is most important
  • Why we love Vibram soles for all our hikes

Keep reading to find out how to choose the best hiking shoes for you right now.

Top Tips To Choose The Best Hiking Shoes For You

Regardless of your hiking style, one thing's for sure: the way your feet feel on the trails can make the difference between the best hike of your life and a hike from hell.

Whether you're hitting the trails in hiking boots, shoes, or sandals, it's important for your feet to feel supported and comfortable throughout your trek.

The last thing you want is to end a hike with throbbing feet and nasty blisters. So, how can you tell if your hiking footwear is working for you?

Keep reading to discover top tips to choose the best hiking shoes for you.

 #1. Find The Right Fit. 

As a rule of thumb, hiking shoes should be snug but never tight, and you should be able to move your toes. To find the perfect fit, you might want to consider sizing up by a half size. This way, you'll prevent your toes from jamming during downhill hikes.

If you’re shopping in-store, remember to wear socks when trying on different styles. If you're shopping online, read customer reviews to find out if products run true to size.

Your Checklist For Finding The Perfect Fit:

  • Can you wiggle your toes? If the answer is yes, great! There should be a little wiggle room at the top of your shoe.
  • Does your shoe feel tight? If the answer is yes, you might want to size up. While hiking shoes should be snug, your feet shouldn't feel constricted.
  • Are your toes hitting the front of your shoe when you go downhill? If the answer is yes, you risk losing your toenails! Consider sizing up.

#2. Match Your Shoe To Your Adventure. 

Hiking in the desert? Traversing a snowy pass? There are hiking shoes for every kind of trek. If you're on a day hike, you might want to consider ultralight trail shoes. If you're trekking rocky terrain or thru-hiking, some extra ankle support is a good idea.

No matter your adventure, always dress for the occasion.

If you're hiking to...

  • A waterfall in Costa Rica, wear slip-resistant hiking sandals
  • The top of Mount Whitney, try some mountaineering boots
  • Nowhere in particular, just throw on your favorite pair of trail shoes

#3. Pay Attention To Your Sole.

The soles are hands-down the most important part of your hiking shoe or boot because they protect your feet from mother nature's rugged landscape. A quality hiking sole provides stability, traction, comfort, and support.

For the best experience on the trail, keep the soles in mind when buying new hiking footwear.

Benefits of Quality Soles:

  • Fewer blisters
  • More support
  • Dry, happy feet

Are you ready to find the best hiking footwear with high-quality soles?

Read on to find out why there’s only one brand you should look for at the sole of your hiking shoes.

Best Hiking Soles: Why We Choose Vibram For All Our Hikes

We love Vibram soles because they’re mindfully made with high-quality materials. They’re made to last, and they’re crafted to withstand all your adventures.

On top of that, these soles are extremely versatile. 

No matter your terrain, there’s a Vibram sole for you. Whether you’re exploring a new city by foot or traversing an icy peak, Vibram is there to support you.





Vibram Soles Are Great For...

  • Recreational day hikes
  • Technical climbs like Everest and K2
  • Backpacking weekends in the wilderness
  • Long workdays standing on your feet

And so much more.

Vibram soles are proven to last, and they provide next-level protection. In fact, first responders, military and law enforcement all trust Vibram as their sole of choice. 

“Vibram offers many different types of soles, each engineered for different terrains, conditions, and even professions. There are Vibram soles for walking on city streets, park sidewalks, wet surfaces, mountain peaks, and slippery ice. Vibram even offers a sole for use at -40°C, and one that is resistant to heat and flame for firefighters’ boots. Boots with Vibram soles are also used in hazardous industrial environments, the military, and law enforcement. Whether you’re going for a casual day hike or scaling Everest, there’s a Vibram sole for you!”

- Vibram

As you can see, we love this brand. And we’re not the only ones.

Big Brands That Choose Vibram

  • Merrell
  • Sperry
  • Danner
  • Red Wing
  • The North Face

And more

“Vibram is recognized worldwide as the leader in high performance soles for outdoor, recreational, work and fashion footwear and is relied on by the world’s greatest climbers and athletes. Vibram soles have gone on to conquer Mt. Everest, K2 and a host of the world’s tallest peaks. Today, the company works with premium brands including Merrrell, Danner, La Sportiva, Lowa, Red Wing, Sperry, Scarpa, The North Face, and many more. Vibram’s FiveFinger shoe line is on the cutting-edge of the minimalist footwear trend. Please visit us at http://us.vibram.com.”

- Vibram 


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