There are many ways to find trails in your city! You can google "hikes in my city," look up hiking blogs, yelp, etc. You should also check out our blog: Planning Your Hikes & Goal Setting For Your 52 Hike Challenge, to help you get started!

One of our favorites ways to find hikes is through AllTrails, a great resource and phone application that contains many hikes. One of the features of the Pro version is it allows you to download maps for use when you're offline, which is literally a life saver to help you from getting lost. Our friends over there have hooked us up with an exclusive list of the top 52 trails in all 50 U.S. states, download the excel sheet here! No more researching for hours to find a good trail with this list and their app containing all the information you need to get going quickly. Just be sure to download the maps while you still have cell phone reception.
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