Finisher Feature - Ijana Loss: Hiking through Loneliness

"I started this challenge at the beginning of January as a fun thing, not having any idea how the world was going to take a crazy turn. I lost my job, struggled to find my purpose, my gym closed, and as an extrovert really fell into a depression about not being able to interact with anyone.

Ijana Loss Finisher Story

But despite feeling like I’d lost everything in my life important to me, I had one thing left and I latched on hard to it - hiking, and Mother Nature. When I had nothing else I had the trails. I started this challenge as a fun list to check off, but over the months it became my saving grace. I will be forever grateful to the 52 Hikes Challenge for carrying me through this challenging year!"

What helped motivate you to finish the 52 Hike Challenge?

"I documented it on Instagram! I have OCD and couldn’t possibly not finish if I was stringing everybody along like that! I guess that’s accountability 👌 "

Favorite Trails:

Mountain Springs Trail to Windy Peak, Guardian Angel Pass, White Owl Canyon, Old Vegas to Railroad Pass Trail

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