Backpacking and Hiking Big Pine Lakes

In September we headed to Big Pines, California to backpack hike and explore the beautiful Big Pine Lakes trail. We decided to backpack for two nights and do the loop, lakes 1-7 and come up through Black Lake.

Start of the Hike

This is an image of the start of the hike. 

Deer on the Trail

Deer on our way up!

Group of Hikers

The crew all did a great job considering the elevation gain and altitude. 

Lake one was a beauty!! 

We decided to camp at lake two, Temple Crag is your backdrop. Simply stunning! Do you see our camp for the night? 

The next day we packed up and headed to lake five, but on the way there we decided to stop at Sam Mack Meadow and it did not disappoint!


We made it to our camp at lake five. It was one of our favorite lakes!

After a lunch break we decided to go all the way to lake seven! It was a great hike and we even helped some hurt climbers with our first aid kits. (Talk about perfect timing, we were at the right place at the right time.) 

On our last morning we finished our loop and ended with this glorious view of lakes one, two and Temple Crag!  

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Helpful Tip: You need a permit to backpack here, day hikes do not require permits. Make sure you make reservations as soon as the date opens, 6 months in advance! These permits are not easy to come by. 

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