A Podcast by Karla Amador, Founder of the 52 Hike Challenge

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About the Podcast

The Rise & Wander Podcast is a show where Karla Amador, founder of the Worldwide movement, 52 Hike Challenge discusses adventure, spirituality, and empowerment through the outdoors and beyond. Join her as she focuses on topics around the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional benefits derived through the outdoors, hear inspiring stories, get educated, and more!

Season 1 

This season is focused on hiking the Camino de Santiago - a bucket list experience for many adventurers. Join her as she takes you through a background of the "Camino," what you need to do if you want to hike it, gear needed, considerations, lessons and much more!


Podcast music and show edited by Sarah Marlo Music.  


Episode 2

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