Gear Review: Aroma Coffee Maker by Linkind

We all have that one “luxury” item we have to have with us when we’re on trail or camping. For some, it’s a nice chair. For others it’s a sweet treat. But for a majority of us, it’s coffee. And some of us (me), take it a step further and need to have fresh coffee because the instant stuff just doesn’t cut it. But packing the equipment necessary for a pour over or French press coffee isn’t always ideal. Enter the Aroma Coffee Maker by Linkind. I recently had the opportunity to try one out and was pretty happy with it overall.

The Aroma isn’t your typical coffee maker. It’s a hands-free, battery operated 360 degree automatic pour over machine. It comes with a wire mesh filter, so there’s no unnecessary waste of paper when making your cup of joe. The materials are all food grade, and the coffee maker is so sturdy, it can handle all the bumps of an epic adventure.

For a coffee maker, it’s pretty compact. Not only can you take it on adventures, but if you wanted to sneak it into the office for that perfect cup, it could easily fit in a women’s purse or your computer case.  It’s approximately 4.5x5.7 inches and weighs in at only 7.6 ounces. This makes it the ideal traveling coffee machine.

Now that you know the specs, let me tell you about the coffee making process. It’s a pretty easy machine to use. Everything fits nicely together. You simply use the included scooper to measure your ground coffee beans and place them into the reusable filter. Add hot water and hit the power button. The Aroma sits right on top of your cup brewing up the almost perfect cup of coffee. It’s almost perfect. Almost.

The machine falls short in one department; the amount of coffee in can brew. Each pour over brews approximately a ½ coffee mug of coffee. So, if you’re wanting a full cup, you’ll need to brew your coffee twice. I followed up with the designers about this, and they informed me that the reason for the smaller brew batch was to keep the actual device small enough that you could back it for all of your adventures. Makes sense. But do keep in mind that if you get one and want a full cup of coffee, you’ll need to brew your coffee twice. Overall, this is not a deal breaker for me as I prefer to have the compact size.

Aroma Coffee Makers are available on IndieGoGo, and machines are currently shipping.


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