Hiking Clothing Essentials for Men and Women

Let’s Talk About Hiking Clothing Essentials for Both Men and Women.

While you don't need to have everything listed below when you are first starting out, you should consider getting the right gear for the long haul. As a quick note, remember to stay away from cotton as it retains moisture and can lead to hypothermia in the winter. 

From moisture-wicking undergarments to insulated outer layers, get ready to learn what you should wear (and what not to wear) to keep you safe, comfortable, and dry during all your hikes.

1. Underwear: Sports Bra and Briefs for Your Hikes

You should pick moisture-wicking materials for undergarments to help keep you cool, fresh and comfortable. 

2. Base Layer Top: Convertible Shirts for Convenience on the Trail

We love convertible shirts because they can be worn as a long or short sleeve. You can even get ones with UPF fabric which protects you against UVA and UVB rays. Most of these shirts, like the REI one pictured below also have vents to allow for airflow.   

3. Pants that Protect from the Elements

We recommend nylon / spandex blend like these REI Sahara Convertible Pants because they help protect you from brush and convertible pants can usually be worn as capris, shorts, and pants. They also have multiple pockets for storing snacks, keys, and more!

4. Mid Layer for Warmth & Insulation

You will want to carry a mid layer for warmth and insulation. A Fleece Pullover that is lightweight, warm, soft and quick-drying will do the job. 

5. Top Layer aka External Shell

You should always carry a rainproof shell that also protects you from the wind.

6. Socks That Will Keep Your Feet Warm & Dry

We recommend wool material, like these Darn Tough socks. They keep your feet warm and dry, have cushion without being too bulky. "Their biggest advantage is that they are thermostatic (temperature-regulating), so your feet stay comfortable in a wide range of temperatures. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water, which helps feet remain dry in most conditions.

7. Gloves for Cold Days on the Trail

Carry these in your daypack for those cold days on the trail. Also, depending on the conditions, you may need specialty gloves for snow, etc.

8. Hat, Beanie or Balaclava

Bring these to protect you against the sun or keep ears, neck and head warm on cold mornings, days and evenings. We really like this Outdoor Research Runners Sun Cap for it's coverage and versatility. 
If you are in cold conditions / snow these items are a must.

9. Base Layers for Extra Warmth

You can wear long underwear and a shirt like the ones pictured below.

10. Additional Insulation or Puffy Jacket

You will want a thicker jacket for cold days and snack / lunch breaks on the trails.

We hope this gives you a good idea of what hiking clothing you need as you continue your #52HikeChallenge2019. Keep checking back for even more hiking tips.

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