Making Strides: 52 Hike Challenge In The Press & Our New Partnership With Camp California

We were humbled to see our name on Fox40 not too long ago, and we are so excited about our new partnership with Camp California!

It feels great to know that what we are doing is making a difference and that the community is taking the 52 Hike Challenge in stride (literally).

Our mission at the 52 Hike Challenge is to encourage people, pets, and kids to get outside and spend time in nature. The idea is to take a hike once a week for an entire year.

No matter your age, gender, race or experience level, you can benefit from this life-changing experience.

 Hiking has the power to help you...

And so much more.

52 Hike Challenge x Camp California: Encouraging You To Get Outdoors

With the help of our new partner, Camp California, we are helping you get outside right now more than ever before!

From secluded mountainous treks to unknown urban adventures, there's something for every type of hiker.

Check out the hikes Camp California Executive Director Dyana Kelley recommends for those of you hiking out west:

  • McCloud Waterfall Trail in Shasta Trinity National Forest: This beginner-friendly 3.5-mile trail will give you great lake and waterfall views. Plus, it counts toward your #52HikeChallengeNationalParksSeries AND you can bring your dog on a leash! That means you can also count this hike toward your #52HikeChallengePetSeries. It's a win-win!
  • Patua (Hazen) Hot Springs in Fernley, NV: This desert hike is a nice and easy 1.4 miles. As a reminder, we recommend each of your 52 hikes to be a mile or more, so this one totally counts. You can bring your dog with you, so consider adding this trail to your list if you're taking on the Pet Series.
  • Hidden Stairways of San Francisco: This 2-mile urban hike will encourage you to explore the city of San Francisco in a whole new way. During this walk, you'll enjoy panoramic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay Area. That's right: urban hikes are 100% fair game for your #52HikeChallenge!
  • Pacific to Redwoods Loop @ Wilder Ranch State Park: Looking for a long hike that gives you the best of everything? This 12-mile trek will bring you through redwood forests and over rolling coastal California hills. You can expect to see sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean throughout this scenic hike.
  • Mount Whitney in Inyo National Forest: Another great option for your lifetime #52HikeChallengeNationalParksSeries, this 22.5-mile hike is a force to be reckoned with. Mount Whitney is the tallest mountain in the contiguous 48 states, so you'll be battling lots of elevation gain. Please only attempt this trail if you are an experienced hiker, and always pack the 10 Essentials!

Thank you, Camp California and Fox 40, for helping us share the importance of getting outdoors!

Keep in mind you don’t need to be based in California or out west to join the 52 Hike Challenge! 

In fact, our community is growing faster than ever before, and we are proud to have hikers from all over the world.

Join The 52 Hike Challenge: An International Movement

That’s right: the 52 Hike Challenge is international!

Whether you’re located right near our headquarters or thousands of miles across the globe, you can absolutely participate in this challenge and gain all the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of hiking once a week for a year.

And this year, we have even more challenges for you to choose from:

  • The Original 52 Hike Challenge
  • The 52 Hike Challenge Adventure Series
  • The 52 Hike Challenge Explorer Series
  • The 52 Hike Challenge National Parks Series
  • The 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series
  • The 52 Hike Challenge Pet Series

Click the link below to learn more, choose your challenge, and sign up now!

Are You Ready To Change Your Life One Step At A Time?


And welcome to the challenge!

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