Opt To Act: Give Back To Nature During Your 52 Hike Challenge 2020

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Thank you for joining us this year for #OptOutside! 

We had an amazing turnout at locations around the country! And your unprecedented response to the new Opt to Act initiative made this year extra special.

Opt To Act Highlights - #OptOutside Black Friday 2019:

  • 15 clean up hikes across the country

  • 189+ people cleaning up the trails

  • 55+ bags of trash collected

  • One 52 Hike Challenge finisher

Special shoutout to Sharlene Mazza, who completed her #52HikeChallenge2019 on an Opt to Act hike with us! And a special thank you to all of you who hiked and helped the trails with us.

Since Opt to Act was such a success, now we are encouraging you to continue the effort into the new year and all year long!

Take Your 52 Hike Challenge to the Next Level in 2020 When You Opt to Act All Year Long!

As a reminder, Opt to Act takes #OptOutside to the next level by encouraging you to get outside AND take care of the great outdoors.

Thanks to our partner REI, opting to act has never been easier. They put together a complete 52-step action plan to help you to keep the momentum going all year long. 

The idea is to Opt to Act once a week for a whole year. Can you imagine a more perfect addition to your 52 Hike Challenge?!

Ready to get started?

Keep reading to discover your first weekly action now.

Opt to Act Action #1: Make cleaning up a part of your daily habits. 

“If you joined the #OptOutside nationwide cleanup on Black Friday, you’re off to a great start on this weekly challenge. Thanks to everyone who got out, cleaned up and left the world better than you found it. Now, let’s keep the action going with 51 more weeks of simple, actionable tasks. Make cleaning up a part of your day-to-day life this week: While you’re out, pick up and properly dispose of litter you come across. And don’t forget to recycle whenever possible.”


After all, how hard is it to pick up litter when you see it? We know it’s not your mess, but it affects you, and your actions will make a difference.

Together, we will create change one step -- and one helping hand -- at a time.

Tips for Implementing Action #1 Into Your 52 Hike Challenge

  • Set your intention. Did you know that simply voicing what you want to do makes you more likely to actually do it? Set an intention to clean up the trails by picking up any piece of litter you come across while on a hike. Knowing what you’re going to do before you do it will make the action of cleaning up come second nature.
  • Be prepared. Have a plan for how you will collect and store the litter you find. Pack accordingly. Bring something to store your collected litter: a trash bag, or (even better) a reusable bag. On top of that, pack items that will help you stay sanitary while cleaning up, like a trash picker tool.
  • Stay sanitary. If you’re a germ-o-phobe or you just don’t like the idea of touching someone else’s garbage (who does?), then gloves are your easy solution to this problem. To avoid single use gloves, pack a pair of washable gardening gloves. You might also want to bring hand sanitizer if you’re going glove-free.
  • Dispose properly. After cleaning up, it’s time to dispose of the litter you found. Be sure to recycle as much as you can (paper, plastic, aluminum), and throw the rest away (food, for example). Always check items for the recycling symbol (three arrows) - you might be surprised by how many items are actually recyclable! 
  • Encourage others. Help us grow this movement by encouraging others to Opt to Act with you. Spread the word to friends and family, and share your journey on social media. Be sure to tag @REI and @52HikeChallenge!

Click here to get even more OPt to Act tips right now.

Now that you know how to get started, it’s time to Opt to Act!

Opt to Act with 52 Hike Challenge and REI in 2020!

Are you up for the extra challenge? 

Make your #52HikeChallenge2020 especially meaningful by giving back to nature. Follow REI’s Opt to Act weekly plan, and combine it with your 52 Hike Challenge.  


Are you in? Have questions? Let us know in the comments!

Thank you for opting to act!

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