Powercap 2.0 Headlamp in a Hat

Guest Blogger: Tiffany Diehl

The Powercap 2.0 is a source of hands free lighting for any outdoor activity. The
Powercap allows the wearer to utilize an easy push button to turn the light off and
on and to adjust between three levels of light. Powercap 2.0 comes in a beanie and a cap version. Both are light and comfortable with easy to change AAA batteries.
I convinced my husband and two friends to go watch a sunset in the Laurel
Highlands of Pennsylvania as well as hike the area at night with me. My husband
wore the beanie style Powercap, I wore the cap style and the friends wore regular
headlamps. Honestly, the only light we needed were the Powercaps. They gave off
plenty of light and were much more comfortable than a headlamp.

One of the many reasons the Powercap 2.0 is awesome is because it didn’t ruin our
photo op.

The light was so bright (75 lumens) we could see it at dusk.

One Powercap 2.0 at full brightness was enough to light our whole path.
The Powercap 2.0 greatly enhanced our ability to hike easily at night. We also made
a list of all of the other ways we would use the caps for camping and backpacking. In terms of other lighted headwear on the market, these caps were much more
comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than headlamps and gave off as much or
more light than the models we already owned. The beanie style gave off more
forward facing light, which we liked better, but I think this is a matter of personal

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