Resources for Completing the Kids Series Challenge

We know some of the activities we are asking you to do in our Kids Series might be new to you, so we have compiled some information and links to help guide you in your journey.  

Activity 2: Learn the Seven “Leave No Trace” principles and apply them on the trail. Learn more about the Leave No Trace Seven Principles here:

hike with kids challenge

Activity 5: Hike in a Nationally designated area. Examples include: National park, National preserve, National monument, etc. Did you know there are 419 nationally designated areas in the U.S. alone? Only 61 of these places are called "National Parks."  Learn more here:

kid in Yosemite

We also have a National Parks Challenge! Check it out here:


Activity 7: Hike in a state park. Did you know there are official state parks? A quick online search can help you to locate yours. For example, we have California State Parks here where we live in California. See an example of the parks here:

hike in state park with kids

Activity 10: Join a non-profit event to volunteer on the trail. Examples include: building a trail, maintaining a trail, native tree planting, etc. Call or look up your local park to find out if they have volunteer days for trail maintenance, etc. For example, Laguna Canyon Foundation offers volunteer events in Southern California, see an example here:

kids volunteering stewardship


Activity 16: Touch five trees on your hike (remember to stay on trail!) We are happy to bring mindfulness to your kids. There is a practice called Shinrin-Yoku or forest bathing, which includes walking mindfully in forests and among trees. Learn more and find inspiration for this activity here:

hike with kids boy touches a tree

Activity 20: Go on a geology hike. There are many places in our own backyards that have incredible rock formations. The other day I, Karla, was with a friend and we were hiking in an old volcanic area here in Orange County. Other Southern California geological areas include, Joshua Tree and Vasquez Rocks. A quick online search should help you to find a location. 

hike in Joshua Tree with kids

Activity 27: Adventure to an iconic spot. Examples include: bridge, stairs, landmark, etc. In California we have the Hollywood Sign, Hidden Stairs, the Golden Gate Bridge to name a few! Get creative and find a place you will enjoy. A quick online search should help you to find a location. 

hike to the Hollywood Sign

Activity 35: Go on a designated Nature walk. You can find nature walks at local parks and by doing an online search. For example, the Fullerton Arboretum has a nature walk in Southern California. See an example here: 

nature walk with kids

Activity 37: Hike to or in an historical place. In Southern California Inspiration Point and Griffith Park would be considered historical places, there are also National Historic Parks (  A quick google search can help you find a place near you.

hiking with kids

Activity 38: Learn about the 10 essentials and packed them in your day pack. These are the 10 items you must carry in your pack to be safe on all hikes. Learn about the 10 Essentials here:

hiking backpack


Activity 39: Hike an out and back trail. “Out-and-Back trails start and end at the same location and follow a single trail or multiple trails to an end point and then return along the same route.” AllTrails

girl hiking

Activity 40: Hike a Loop trail: “Loop trails start and end at the same location and follow a single trail or multiple trails to form a loop.” AllTrails

boy hiking

Activity 41: Go on a geocaching hike. Learn more about geocaching here:

mom and daughter hike

Activity 42: Use your imagination on the trail. Micha, our amazing team member at 52, said she has her daughter search for “Fairy Hollows,” or little openings in trees that look like fairies live in them. :) Get creative, call them dragon dungeons or whatever other fun ideas you can muster up. 

fairy portal in tree hiking with kids


Activity 43: Go camping (the backyard works too!): You’ll need a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. Learn more about camping here

camping with kids


Activity 51: Hike in a forest. Find forests here:

hike in forest with kids


Activity 53: Hike in the snow. I want to take a moment to address safety while hiking in the snow. We recommend snowshoeing / hiking in flat surfaces, we don’t think it’s a good idea to climb areas with incline without the proper training and knowledge. Do yourself a favor, get training, take classes before climbing incline areas in the snow- it's not worth your life or the life of others! If you want to hike in the snow please take an ice axe and crampon course with a mountain guide or REI.  You can find out more about snowshoeing here.

hike in the snow with kids


To learn more and sign up for the challenge visit the page:


Please feel free to add any comments and notes below and we will continue updating this page to help get more kids out in nature. 


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52 Hike Challenge for Kids

52 Hikes Challenge Kid's Edition

52 Hikes Challenge for Kids


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