Summer Hiking, Camping & Backpacking: Hydration Systems for Your Outdoor Adventures

Hiking Hydration & Water Storage

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Did you know it’s recommended for the average person to consume two liters of water per day without serious exercise? With exercise and weather considerations, that number increases considerably.

So, are you drinking enough water on days when you take a hike?

Summer is the season for more sunshine and spending more time outside. With warmer temperatures, hydration should be top of mind. Of course, with all the fun to be had, sometimes we forget the importance of staying hydrated.

Remembering to hydrate while hiking can greatly impact your experience on the trail:

  • Hydration stimulates blood flow and oxygen production
  • Hydration encourages joints and muscles to function optimally
  • Hydration helps increase energy and reduces fatigue

So, how do you make sure you stay hydrated while hiking?

With so many outdoor activities to choose from during the warmer months, you have a lot of options for water storage. 

Whether you’re loading up the car for camping, trekking out into the wilderness for a few days or taking a quick day hike, you’ll soon discover hydration systems that will support you on all your summer hiking adventures.

Get ready to get your hydration questions answered:

  • How much water should you bring on your hike?
  • How do you store water while backpacking?
  • Do you really need a water filter?

In this blog all about hydration, we’ll cover all of this and much more.

First let’s review a few quick tips to stay hydrated while hiking in the summer heat.

Hydration Tips for Hiking in the Heat

Hydration Tips For Hiking In The Heat

  • Pre-hydrate and rehydrate. Drink water before setting out on your hike and continue to hydrate after you’re off the trail. For long or strenuous hikes, consider replenishing with electrolyte drinks or supplements.
  • Take regular water breaks even if you don’t feel thirsty. Taking small sips of water frequently is more impactful than chugging water infrequently. You can easily drink small increments of water while moving by using a hydration reservoir.
  • Drink more water at altitude. If you are taking a high elevation hike, remember that your risk of dehydration is heightened, which means you’ll need to drink more water.
  • Support your hydration with salty snacks. When you sweat, your body loses electrolytes that help you stay energized. You can replenish electrolytes by eating foods that have sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

Now that you know some of the basics for staying hydrated in the summer heat, let’s talk about how much water to carry depending on your adventure – and how to store it.

Hiking Hydration & Water Storage for Your Summer Hikes

Water Storage For Hiking

Whether you’re taking a full day hike or a quick walk in the woods, it’s important to carry water on all the trails you choose to travel.

While there is no cut and dry rule for how much water to carry, we suggest carrying one liter of water for every hour you spend hiking. Below, we’ll outline an approximate amount of water we recommend carrying and how to store it for short hikes, half day hikes, full day hikes and beyond.

How much water should you carry on your hikes and how do you store it?

Short Hikes (1-3 miles)

For short hikes, it’s a good idea to carry one liter of water as a minimum. Consider carrying two liters of water depending on the weather and amount of elevation gain involved in your trek. 

An easy way to store water for a short hike is by filling a 1 or 1.5L hiking water bottle and carrying it in a side pocket of your backpack. Our favorite option for short hikes is the Hydrapak Flux+ 1.5L, which is ultralight and extremely packable – and it even comes with a built-in filter.

Half Day Hikes (3-5 miles)

When you’re spending half the day on the trail, it’s important not only to bring enough water but also to have a salty snack (or two) in your pack. Since you’ll be spending a few hours outside in the elements, we recommend carrying 2-3 liters of water. 

Since you’ll be moving a lot and may not want to stop as frequently, you can stay hydrated by carrying a hydration backpack and sipping from a water reservoir. These trusty devices come with a drink tube (water hose) that is accessible while you’re hiking. Hydrapak makes hydration reservoirs that come in 1.5, 2 and 3L options. 

Full Day Hikes (5-10+ miles)

A full day of hiking means non-stop adventure – how awesome! To make the most of your action-packed day, be sure you have enough water. It would be a shame to turn around because you’re running low.

For full day hikes, we recommend filling a 2, 3 or even 4L hydration reservoir as well as carrying a water bottle like the Recon for electrolytes and a filtration device. P.S. Don’t forget your snacks!

Multi Day Backpacking Trips

If you’re venturing into the wilderness for a few days, we recommend using the same water storage strategies suggested for full day hikes. If you’re camping near potable water that is safe for drinking, you’ll be able to refill your water storage systems at camp. To plan for the unexpected, we always recommend carrying a water filter during your backpacking adventures.

In addition to Hydrapak 2, 3 and 4L reservoirs, they also make a 6L hydration reservoir that comes with a built-in filter – now that’s luxury!

Car Camping

Car camping enables you to bring more gear, including water and ways to store it! Easily refill your bottles and clean camping cookware with the Hydrapak Pioneer 10L.

Need a full supply of hydration gear for your camping adventures? The Hydrapak Camp Bundle has everything you need to stay hydrated at your campsite and on the trails! This bundle pack includes the Pioneer 10L water storage system, Seeker 2L hydration reservoir, RECON 1L water bottle and a plug & play drinking cap.

Where are you exploring next? No matter your adventure, make sure you stay hydrated by carrying enough water and storing it effectively.

Gear Up, Hit the Trails & Remember to Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated While Hiking

Now that you have a solid idea of how much water to carry and various ways to store it, it’s time to gear up and hit the trails! Whether you’re taking a short hike or going off-grid for the foreseeable future, our partner Hydrapak has you covered.

From flexible and lightweight water bottles to darn tough hydration reservoirs, you won’t go thirsty when you gear up with Hydrapak.

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