The New 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series: Encouraging Kids To Get Outdoors

Now more than ever, it's so important to get kids outside. Taking a hike can help kids boost creativity, improve mental wellbeing, increase physical fitness, and the list goes on!

At 52 Hike Challenge, we are firm believers that nature heals. And it's time to share the healing power of hiking with our youth.

Read on to learn about our NEW much-anticipated 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series now.

Photo courtesy of @brightnpeachey and her family on-trail during their #52HikeChallenge2020

What It Is

The #52HikeChallengeKidsSeries is a new spin on our original hiking challenge - for kids! 

Introducing our new kids hiking challenge: 52 hikes in 52 weeks plus a super fun interactive activity book that will connect your kids with nature on an even deeper level than ever before.

Meet Cora! She's 5 years old, and she's taking on the #52HikeChallengeKidsSeries! According to Cora's mom, Kalina, Cora loves to play trail bingo and she's been having a lot of fun working through the activities presented in the Kids Series.
(Photo courtesy of @traildoula)

Why We Created It

You asked for it, we delivered!

Due to popular demand from our amazing community, we created the new 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series. We are always looking for new ways to provide even more value to our challengers, and that's why the Kids Series is here now!

Through this new challenge, it's our mission to:

And more!

Meet Lily and Ruby! According to their mom, Megan Fisher, her girls have been hiking since birth. As babies, Lily and Ruby were carried on trails and taken on countless adventures. Once they learned to walk, they started hiking soon after. They have been in our community since 2017 and always go way #beyond52!
Read their full story here.
(Photo courtesy of @fisherfamadventures)

What Makes The Kids Series Different?

The 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series stands out because it challenges kids not only to take a hike each week for a year -- it encourages kids to take a look at nature from a new lens. 

Through our new Kids Series Activity Book, kids can learn about the great outdoors in a unique way that will keep them engaged and excited about nature all year long.

Meet Seth! This cutie completed the original 52 Hike Challenge back in 2019 - before his 2nd birthday! Now Seth's embarking on the 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series, and he's using the activity book as a way to deepen his experience on the trails!
(Photo courtesy of @kaylarae_87 / @adventures_of_seth)

Behind The 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series Activity Book

It came to Karla, 52 Hike Challenge co-founder and Chief Hiking Officer, in meditation: a way to help kids connect with nature on a deep level. Now it's a fun resource for our youth challengers to take their 52 Hike Challenge to a whole other level.

Main Goals of the Kids Series Activity Book:

We want to encourage kids to...

  • Have fun in nature
  • Practice mindfulness on the trails 
  • Appreciate nature on a new level
  • Learn about hiking safety, Leave No Trace Principles, and more


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old do kids have to be?

A: Kids of all ages can participate in this challenge! As long as they’re accompanied by an adult and hiking safely, all are welcome.

Q: Is the activity book mandatory?

A: No, it’s just a fun extra. You have the option of downloading the activity checklist here, and you and your kids can do all the activities on your own.

Q: Do you sell merchandise to keep kids motivated?

A: Yes! Not only do we have patches and stickers specific to the Kids Series, but we also just released a cute new kids' t-shirt that helps our younger hikers learn about hiking safety and preparedness. Check it out below! 


(Boys Version Coming Soon)

More FAQs For The Kids Series

Have more questions? Visit the official Kids Series page to find answers to questions we hear often, like...

  • How does the 52 Hike Challenge Kids Series work?
  • When does the challenge start?
  • What is considered a "hike"?
  • How do I find hikes?

And much more.

More Resources For The Kids Series

We know some of the activities we are asking you to do in our Kids Series might be new to you, so we have compiled some information and links to help guide you in your journey. Find resources for specific Kids Series activities here.

"The 52 hike challenge has been a blast for our family! We have truly been able to experience life to the fullest with our little girl! With every hike we accomplish, we gain new memories as a family! We are excited be a part of this hiking community. We have made so many friendships with other hiking families and it’s just been a blast! We continue to step outside of our comfort zone with each hike and it’s such a fun way to get outdoors and get back to our roots 🧡"

- @little_cacao_lover

Join The #52HikeChallengeKidsSeries Now

Are you and your little one ready to take the first step towards 52 hikes? 

You are going to love taking this journey together! Click here to sign up and start hiking now!

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the new 52 hike challenge kids series encouraging kids to get outdoors

the new 52 hike challenge kids series encouraging kids to get outdoors

the new 52 hike challenge kids series encouraging kids to get outdoors

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