TimBuk2 Muttmover Backpack Review

I was given a Timbuk2 Muttmover Backpack for my dachshund Louie who loves hiking, but can tire out when it's warm. I've had to carry him down the trail before like a baby in my arms.
I was window shopping in SF when my girlfriend, Kristina, said we should check out the Timbuk2 store. As I was looking at the backpacks, I saw an ad that made me squeal with joy!
A doxie in a backpack... 
To my surprise, I was gifted one so I could test it out -thank you John from Hayes Valley store! 
 Taking Louie out for a hike. 
It was time to put the Muttmover backpack to the test. I unzipped the sides and Louie fit right in. 
P.S. The head openings can accomodate a shorter and higher position, make sure to pick the correct opening before you zip them in!
Zipped him right up... 
And away we went…
...to be greeted with this magical view.
This is one of our favorite hikes: Top of the World in Laguna Beach, CA

TimBuk2 Muttmover Backpack Review: 

I think this is a great backpack if you have a small lightweight pup (max of 20 lbs)! The reasons why I liked the backpack is that it was super easy to get Louie in and out of. He didn't complain once, and quite frankly, I think he enjoyed it too much!
The inside has a waterproof liner which makes any mess easy to wipe. Also, the straps can be customized to evenly distribute the weight of your pup and the ventilated back panel allows you to keep cool. If that wasn't enough, there is a built in bottle opener, and a foldable water bowl that is included too. 
The price for the bag is $118, considering the lifetime warranty, the fact that you can take this on airplanes, it is well worth the investment.

Other Details: 

It has a removable sternum strap, built in leash to keep your pup in place, multiple external pockets for your iPad, book, wallet, keys and your pet’s snacks, leash, etc. Elasticized external side pocket for water bottle or U-lock. Has a grab handle for easy lifting.

While at the San Francisco store, I also learned that Timbuk2 bags are manufactured in the city. Some of their bags are customizable in colors, and they have a lifetime warranty on all their bags! I was very impressed with the company's ethics. 
Check out a sample of a backpack I was able to customize online, pretty cool right? 
Thanks Timbuk2 for the gift for Louie, we're looking forward to many more hikes together! 
To learn more and shop for Timbuk2 packs, click here. 

*While I was gifted this bag, we only write about the items we endorse and would purchase ourselves. This post may also contain affiliate links which helps to fund the 52 Hike Challenge. Thank you for your support. 

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  • How much did your dog weigh at the time? We have a 18lb tween or that we were considering carrying.


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