Top Hydration Tips When Hiking

With the weather becoming warmer, now is a great time to discuss hydration. First, never go out on the trails without water.

You have a few options for carrying water:

1. Reusable water bottles 


2. Hydration system / bladder (reservoir with hose)


Personally, I use a mix of the two, water bottles are good for hikes under 5 miles. However, once you start doing 6+ you may want to invest in a bladder. A bladder will typically hold 2 to 3 liters, while a water bottle typically holds 1 liter.

The amount of water needed per hike will depend on a few factors, hike mileage, weather (as you will clearly need to carry more water in the heat,) and also your personal hydration needs. On average people should consume 2 liters a day, and that's not including completing a hike. 

Here are 5 Tips on Hydrating Before, During and After Your Hikes:

1. Plan ahead and note how much water is needed for your specific hike.

2. Hydrate before your hike (start a few days before if you're climbing a notable mountain or peak.)

3. Drink every 30 mins while on the hike, even if you're not thirsty.

4. Hydrate after the hike.

5. Consider taking an electrolyte supplement or recovery drink if you had a long day out to replenish your sodium and potassium lost. 

Feel free to add your own tips with the community in the comments below. 

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5 tips for hydrating on hikes | before, during, and after your hikes


  • That’s a great practice, @Gordon!

    52 Hike Challenge
  • I always carry a water filter/purifier when I am hiking to a lake or near streams to keep my bottles full.


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