Working Out Outside: 5 Reasons Outdoor Fitness Beats The Gym

Want to find a reliable workout that will bring you the same results as the gym? What about results that go beyond what you can achieve at the gym?

Enter the outdoors: your personal playground. This nature-made fitness center is devoid of doors and walls and full of wonder and adventure. 

The outdoors is your new, next-level exercise outlet, and it’s even better than the gym.

Not only does the outdoor fitness present unique challenges that will challenge your body and mind — it’s also a safer alternative right now. 

As we continue to experience life during a pandemic, outdoor exercise enables you to get a good workout while distancing from others and avoiding enclosed spaces.

But the benefits of working out-side don’t stop there. Read on to find out why you should cancel your gym membership and subscribe to the great outdoors.

5 Reasons You Should Work Out Outdoors

#1. Outdoor Exercise Helps You Reduce Stress While Building Strength

Research shows that outdoor fitness has greater physiological benefits than exercising indoors. When you step into nature, you activate your parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system. 

In this relaxed state, your body produces less cortisol, which is a hormone responsible for stress. 

You might also experience a lower pulse rate as well as lower blood pressure, allowing your body to relax while getting a great workout.

When you’re operating from your parasympathetic nervous system, you can perform at your peak without putting unnecessary stress on your body.

#2. Outdoor Fitness Gives You A Daily Dose of Vitamin D (Naturally)

Say goodbye to supplements and hello to all-natural health. Need more Vitamin D? All you need to do is get outside and drink in the sunshine. 

Known as the Sunshine Vitamin, Vitamin D helps us ward off all kinds of ailments like “cancer, heart disease, fractures and falls, autoimmune diseases, influenza, type-2 diabetes, and depression,” according to one study.

As you can see, Vitamin D is essential to your health, and you can naturally bring more Vitamin D into your life by exercising outside.

#3. Exercising Outside Presents New Challenges That Can Make You Stronger

It’s easy to feel stagnant when you fall into the same gym routine. Don’t plateau - climb mountains!

Outdoor fitness encourages you to face new challenges head-on. 

When you get outside, you’ll tackle high altitudes, inclines, uneven terrain, unpredictable weather, and more. You can even hike with a heavy pack to add weight training to your outdoor workout.

One study found that individuals tend to perceive exercise to be "less demanding when performed in the natural environment." That means, you can get a better workout and make your legs stronger, without noticing it.

#4. Working Outside Is Good For Your Mind

Exercising outside stimulates your body — and your brain!

There’s a reason we call it nature therapy. Spending time outside is scientifically proven to reduce stress while improving your mood and sense of well-being. 

On top of all that, another study says that exercising outside can also boost your creativity and problem solving skills.

Want to feel inspired while getting a great workout? Just get outside.

Want to learn more about the mental health benefits of spending time in nature? Check out the Top 5 Mental Health Benefits of Hiking here.

#5. Outdoor Fitness Is Free!

Not only is outdoor exercise incredible for your mental and physical health, but it’s also 100% free! No contracts or membership fees. Just pure, unadulterated nature.

Cancel your gym membership and take the trails. You won’t regret it!

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