Your Ultimate Hiking First Aid Kit: How to Treat Minor Injuries & What to Carry on the Trail

Tecnu NuNature Gel for Minor Cuts & Blisters
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Did you know a first aid kit is one of the 10 Essentials you should always carry on any outdoors adventure?

The 10 Essentials are hiking safety items that will support you in any circumstance while on-trail. If you get injured or run into inclement weather, this gear will be a friend to you.

As a reminder, the 10 Essentials are:

  1. Navigation: Map, Compass, GPS System
  2. Sun Protection: Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Bandana
  3. Insulation: Rain Jacket, Thermal Layers, Hat, Gloves
  4. Illumination: Headlamp, Flashlight, Lantern
  5. First Aid Kit: Medical Emergency Supplies
  6. Fire: Matches, Lighter, Fire Starter
  7. Gear Repair Kit: Duct Tape, Multi-Tool
  8. Nutrition: Food, Snacks
  9. Hydration: Water, Water Filtration System
  10. Shelter: Tarp, Emergency Blanket, Bivy

The 10 Essentials For Hiking

Today you’ll find out everything you need to know about one very important hiking essential: your outdoors first aid kit.

Get ready to find out:

  • What to carry in your hiking first aid kit
  • How to treat minor cuts, scrapes and blisters while on-trail
  • A trail-tested and approved product to carry with you on your hiking adventures

First, we’ll explore all of the emergency outdoors items you should keep in your pack at all times. Keep reading to start creating your hiking first aid kit now.

What’s In Your Kit? First Aid Essentials for Your Hiking Adventures

Hiking First Aid Kit

So, what’s in your hiking first aid kit?

Below you’ll find a list of what will help you treat minor injuries you may encounter while hiking. It’s up to you what you include in your kit, but this list will help you understand how each item can benefit you.

  • Bandages and Gauze: Wrap blisters, cuts and scrapes to prevent further irritation and keep dirt from getting in the wound.
  • Alcohol Wipes: Clean minor injuries before bandaging them.
  • Needle and Thread: Repair clothing so you stay warm and dry on the trail.
  • Medications: Carry prescription medication including an epiPen along with over-the-counter medications like pain relievers, antihistamines and nausea pills. 
  • Tweezers: Remove splinters straight from the trail.
  • Scissors: Cut gauze and other materials to protect minor wounds and injuries.
  • Lighter: Carry in case you need to start a fire or sterilize your tools.
  • Tape: Use to repair gear and cover blisters. We like Leukotape for blisters, Tenacious Tape for clothing tears, and duct tape for gear repairs. You can also carry Noso patches for clothing repairs. 
  • Multi-Tool: Be ready for anything by carrying multiple tools in one. Features of wilderness multi-tools include pliers, wire cutters, saws and more.
  • Emergency Blanket: Stay warm in the event of severe temperature drops. This can help prevent hypothermia in the outdoors.
  • Tecnu Detox Wipes: Remove oils from poisonous plants to reduce irritation.
  • NuNature First Aid Gel: Treat cuts, blisters and irritation naturally while reducing pain with this powerful antibiotic-free first aid gel. 

Now that you know some great pieces of gear for first aid in the outdoors, we’ll share a little more about how to treat minor injuries on the trail.

How to Treat Minor Cuts, Scrapes & Blisters While Hiking

How To Treat Minor Cuts

Are you curious about what to do if you get injured on the trail? 

Here’s how to clean, treat and care for minor cuts, scrapes and blisters you made encounter on the trail:

#1. Clean Your Wound

If there’s dirt or debris in your wound, thoroughly rinse it with water. Use tweezers and other tools to remove splinters if necessary. Next, apply an alcohol or antiseptic wipe to sanitize the affected area.

#2. Apply Ointment

Once your wound is clean, use an ointment or gel to speed up healing. We love NuNature First Aid Gel from Tec Labs (the makers of Tecnu) for minor wound care. This product is especially useful for those allergic to antibiotic topicals like neomycin and bacitracin. It's 100% antibiotic-free, and it even has lidocaine to help minimize pain right away.

#3. Bandage It

After you apply NuNature First Aid Gel, use gauze or a bandage to protect dirt from entering the wound. This will help prevent infection, especially if you intend on continuing your hiking adventure.

#4. Check Up

Continue to care for your wound accordingly. Repeat this process until you’re healed. If your cut, scrape or blister does not improve, see a medical professional for additional help.

If you encounter a serious injury while hiking, turn back right away and seek professional medical aid. If it’s an emergency, dial 911 as soon as possible. 

Why We Love NuNature First Aid Gel for Minor Wound Care

Tecnu NuNature First Aid Kit

As you now know, NuNature First Aid Gel by Tecnu is an antibiotic free topical gel that helps you treat minor wounds quickly and effectively. The product is natural and practical for use while hiking and at home.

In fact, our co-founder Karla tested it out when she got cut while cooking.

Hear what Karla has to say about NuNature First Aid Gel:

“On Thanksgiving I was happily minding my cooking business, when I took a casserole out of the oven my arm touched the rack and created a burn and laceration on my arm. As the days passed, I scraped the cut, opening up the wound again and remembered about my NuNature Gel. So I put some on - a few days later the laceration was healing nicely! I also got a cut on my finger and used the gel, it healed within two days. NuNature really works!!” 

– Karla Amador, Co-Founder of the 52 Hike Challenge

Add NuNature First Aid Gel to Your Hiking First Aid Kit

Prevent Infection

Are you in need of a minor wound care gel for your hiking first aid kit?

At 52 Hike Challenge, we highly recommend you carry something to treat minor wounds you may get while adventuring.

NuNature First Aid Gel is our go-to for trailside cuts, scrapes and blisters.

Treat minor wounds with NuNature First Aid Gel – click here get yours now.

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