Recap of Meet & Greet at REI Paradise Valley In Arizona

We kicked off our Sawyer Products 52 Hike Challenge Arizona Tour by speaking at the Paradise Valley REI and had a great turn out, here's the recap!

Phillip was overweight and unhappy; to make a positive lifestyle change he took to the trails to get in shape, eventually losing and keeping off the weight by progressing his hiking capabilities. After going through a difficult divorce, Karla was inspired by Phillip to begin her own hiking journey; challenging herself to a hike per week as a means to get in shape to join Phillip on mountaineering trips. Once her challenge was complete, Karla couldn't believe the positive impact that the outdoors had on her life.

Motivated by our own personal accomplishments, we created the 52 Hike Challenge to encourage others to begin their own hiking challenge and journey. In just one year, over 88,000 images have been shared under the #52HikeChallenge and #52HikeChallenge2016 on Instagram. The stories from 2015 finishers have been so unique, we decided to share our story with more people across the globe. We discussed stories from current challengers, how other can get started on their very own 52 hike journey, and become inspired to change their life, one step at a time.

Thank you to REI, Sawyer,  Darren from Arizona Hiking, and Camille from Arizona Spirits, Wild and Free for all your support!