Sequoia National Park: Mount Silliman and Lake Silliman Hiking & Backpacking Trip

One of our favorite hiking and backpacking experiences of 2017 was Silliman Lake and Mount Silliman in Sequoia National Park. 

Some of the beauty captured on the way included this meadow!

Silliman Lake Hiking Trail

This large slab in front of us had to be climbed up to reach our campsite at Silliman Lake and it was not easy! Climbing up with 40+ lbs on our backs was harsh, but we did it, one step at a time!

Silliman Slab

The mosquitoes were out in full force so thankfully we had our Sawyer Picardan insect repellant to keep them away!

Sawyer Insect Repellant

After what seemed like an endless climb up the unforgiving vertical slab, this was a sight for sore eyes and feet. :)  

Silliman Lake all to ourselves!

Silliman Lake

The following morning we headed up to Mount Silliman and came across some incredible alpine lakes and meadow!

Silliman Alpine Lakes

On the summit of Mt. Silliman! 

Summit of Mt. Silliman

In the evening we had the lake to ourselves, a beautiful alpenglow, and good times. 

Alpenglow Lake

Alas, as all good things come to an end we headed out early in the morning! 

Early Morning Lake

Helpful Tips: This is not for inexperienced hikers. It is grueling and tough to get up the slabs! You do need permits. So plan, prepare and train if you want to check out this incredible place. 

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