Finisher Feature - Alexandra Brocoum: Motivated After Injury

"In 2017 I broke my neck and suddenly I was no longer able to run and play ice hockey like I had been for a long time.

Alexandra Brocoum Finisher Story

I was told I could walk and so I decided to start walking up mountains. The 52 Hike Challenge gave me a very quantitative goal that I have been striving to meet each year since then. It keeps me motivated to get out and hike which is so good for my mental health as well."


What helped you stay motivated to finish the challenge?

I keep a log and I also lead a hiking group in the Boston area that helps people get out for local hikes frequently!


Favorite Trails

The Pemi Loop (Franconia Ridge Tr, Bondcliff Tr), Crouching Lion, Panther Falls


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