Finisher Feature - Cheryl Formont: I'd Rather Be Hiking

"I started the 52 Hike Challenge after seeing a sticker on another hiker’s water bottle and decided to look into it!
Cheryl Formont
Before I knew it the 52 Hike journey began, anxiously awaiting the next hike, looking into future hikes to log for my challenge. COVID stalled me for only a bit, as I realized hiking = therapy, where all was forgotten for a few hours as I wandered the woods. The 52 Hike Challenge has encouraged me to explore new places, which I wouldn’t have done if I didn’t have a goal to complete. It has also encouraged me to do some solo hikes as well. I did journal with pictures as I completed each hike, making me accountable and realized that I also had inspired many others along my journey. It was a win, win situation and was very proud of my accomplishment! 52 Hike Challenge has brought me to the realization that I’d rather be hiking than anything else and dreaming of places that I would like to visit!"

Favorite Trails:
Balsam Lake Mountain

What helped you stay motivated to finish the challenge?
I had joined a hiking group before I started (Trail Dames) and thought I could do this with the Trail Dames and fill in with hikes when they didn't go. I kept a log and journaled with pictures. As I journaled with pictures and posted on Instagram/Facebook, I realized that so many folks were cheering me on and at the same time I was also inspiring many! Therefore, I couldn't disappoint them or myself and was motivated to finish! When hiking I would forget about all the stress from life and totally enjoy the view around me, living in my own little bubble. There were so many hikes that I wanted to do again in the fall (my favorite time of year) and see the views in all their glory of color. Living in the Catskills, we had the most magnificent fall this year; I actually couldn’t get out and hike enough! There were only so many hours in a day! I’m looking forward to more hikes and dream to get out west and tackle some of those hikes!

Groups Joined:
Trail Dames

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