Finisher Feature - Kristin McCormack: Life Changing Hiking Experience

"The 52 hike challenge has been huge for me! I went from someone who didn’t really spend all that much time outside to a person who needs and gains so much from it.

Kristin McCormack Finisher Story
Everything from my vacations, family time, recharge- it’s all been refocused to hiking/outdoors tome and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve gained so much independence, new relationships, confidence- seriously couldn’t be more thankful the challenge somehow found me nearly 2 years ago and that I now get to be a part of it as a leader 🙏🏻."

What helped you stay motivated to finish the 52 Hike Challenge?

"I was pretty determined to pull a double this year! I keep a log through my photos and on IG- but at this point it has just become a habit to hike as much as I can. What can I say, it’s a huge part of my life now 😜!"

Favorite Trails: 

"Oh gosh. Too many! I think all the NPS hikes I did, Blue Lake (two names this 😂), Ice &’s honestly hard to choose!"

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