Finisher Feature - Trace Stead-Hardt: Hiking with Pets

"Of all the times in my life, I am thankful I found the 52 hike challenge this year. It has forced me outside and given me a goal to work towards. It has kept my mind occupied, and my body active for 8 months. It challenged me and forced me to face many fears head-on.

Tracy  Stead-Hardt Finisher Story

It has brought me to new and different places where I have seen so many beautiful things. It has been a gentle reminder of how beautiful my home state of Minnesota is! Most of all, it has given me so much peace during a turbulent and uncertain time in the world. I am glad that I did it."

What helped motivate you to finish the 52 Hikes Challenge?

"A candlelight hike I completed at Wild River State Park. It was a full moon that night. The moonlight streaming through the trees created beautiful shadows in the woods, and the moon would make the snow sparkle when you came to open fields. It was so beautiful! PLUS, All of my fall (peak color) hikes at our MN State Parks, especially on the north shore. The gorgeous parks mixed with peaking fall colors...absolute perfection!"

Favorite Trails:

Suggest checking out hikes and/or hiking programs at State Parks, forests, recreational areas and National Parks in your area. 

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