Finisher Feature - Brie Rentz: Seasonal Hiking

"I used to refer to “hiking season,” which ultimately meant the six weeks following Labor Day. I’d scamper off to the Cascades, get in five hikes or so and call it a year. But it’s something I like doing, and Cascadian scampers are not exactly cheap, so something had to change.

Brie Rentz Finisher Story

Starting 1/1/19, I set off on my first 52 Hike Challenge. On 1/5/20, my second. Since finding this community, I have completed 105 hikes in less than two years.

Safe to say hiking is so much more than a “season” now."

What helped you stay motivated during the 52 Hike Challenge?

"To differentiate from last year's completion, I set a goal to hike in every state park in Indiana (25) and complete 300 miles of hiking in a single calendar year."

Favorite Trails:

Boundary Trail at Mount St. Helens, Six Ravines at Shades State Park, Laura Hare Nature Preserve, Lake Monroe Peninsula Trail

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