Finisher Feature - Elysia Niedernhofer: New Journeys

"I love being outside and this challenges furthered my love for it. I loved being  able to spend time each week exploring  a new park, trail, or mountain. This journey helped me get through the year 2020 and allowed me to stay sane as a Nurse during COVID.

Elysia Niedernhofer Finisher Story

I am already planning hikes next year and looking for ways to help my friends achieve their outdoor goals. This experience was everything I expected and more. During my 52 hikes, I hiked in four national parks and six different states!"

What helped you stay motivated to finish the 52 Hike Challenge?

"I kept my own log of all the hikes! My friends and family also accompanied me on hikes!"

Favorite Trails:

Angels Landing, 3 dunes challenge, Bryce Rim trail

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