National Parks Series Finisher Feature: John Graves

For the past five years, I've been completing the 52 Hike Challenge.  The first three years, I completed the "Original 52 Hike Challenge."  Then I completed the "52 Hike Challenge Explorer Series."  This year, I completed the "52 Hike Challenge Adventure Series."  Also, this year, Jax, my dog, and I are getting close to finishing the "52 Hike Challenge Pet Series."  

While looking through your website the other day, I found another challenge I hadn't seen before: the "52 Hike Challenge National Parks Series."  After reading that, I smiled...because I realized I've already completed it. 

For years, I've had a goal of visiting all the US National Parks (there are 62 of them now).  I've been to 33 of them.  I never counted the National Park System Units I'd visited.  Probably because there are so many (over 400) and I figured I would never make it to all of them.  After finding this challenge, I decided to count the ones I've visited.  As it turns out, in addition to my 33 National Parks, I've been to 32 other National Park Service Units...for a total of 65.  As you stated, I only need 52 to complete this challenge.  So...DONE! (Of course I'm not Done Done. Just done with this challenge.)

1.    Grand Canyon National Park
2.    Petrified Forest National Park
3.    Walnut Canyon National Monument
4.    Hot Springs National Park
5.    Channel Islands National Park
6.    Death Valley National Park
7.     Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site
8.    Golden Gate National Recreation Area
9.    John Muir National Historic Site
10.  Joshua Tree National Park
11.   Kings Canyon National Park
12.   Lassen Volcanic National Park
13.   Muir Woods National Monument
14.   Pinnacles National Park
15.   Point Reyes National Seashore
16.   Redwood National Park
17.   Rosie the Riveter/World War II Home Front National Historical Park
18.   San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
19.   Sequoia National Park
20.   Yosemite National Park
21.   Rocky Mountain National Park
22.   Biscayne National Park
23.   Canaveral National Seashore
24.   Everglades National Park
25.   Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site
26.   Haleakala National Park
27.   Lincoln Home National Historic Site
28.   Indiana Dunes National Park
29.   Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
30.   Lake Mead National Recreation Area
31.   Carlsbad Caverns National Park
32.   Statue of Liberty National Monument
33.   Crater Lake National Park
34.   Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve
35.  Gettysburg National Military Park
36.  Badlands National Park
37.   Mount Rushmore National Memorial
38.  Great Smoky Mountains National Park
39.  Arches National Park
40.  Bryce Canyon National Park
41.  Canyonlands National Park
42.  Capitol Reef National Park
43.  Zion National Park
44.  Virgin Islands National Park
45.  Fort Monroe National Monument
46.  George Washington Memorial Parkway
47.   Manassas National Battlefield Park
48.  Shenandoah National Park
49.  Mount Rainier National Park
50.  Olympic National Park
51.   Korean War Veterans Memorial
52.   Lincoln Memorial
53.   National Mall
54.   Pennsylvania Avenue National Historic Site
55.   Rock Creek Park
56.  Thomas Jefferson Memorial
57.   Vietnam Veterans Memorial
58.   Washington Monument
59.   White House and President's Park
60.   World War I Memorial
61.   World War II Memorial
62.   Harpers Ferry National Historical Park
63.   Grand Teton National Park
64.   Yellowstone National Park
65.   Gateway Arch National Park
Congratulation John! Thank you for letting us know you already hiked at 65 National Park Units. Woohooo!

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