2023 Finisher Medal & Coupon Pack

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Similar to an event such as a 10K or Marathon, we are offering a high-quality 3" Diameter Official 52 Hike Challenge 2023 Finisher Medal worthy of displaying proudly for your accomplishment!  

When you purchase the medal you are automatically signed up for the 2023 52 Hike Challenge. We'll even send this to you in a package that says "Do Not Open Until Hike 52" so you can have it on your 52nd hike and keep it around to motivate you throughout the year! You choose the 2023 medal if you have started your challenge in 2023. 

We also will be sending an email after you place your order that includes exclusive deals and perks from our partners that they’ve given exclusively to 52 Hike Finishers! Value of $36.99+ included with your finisher medal! Coupons are updated often.

We believe the value in being part of the 52 Hike Challenge goes beyond a single day event though - we have given you the ability to be a part of the global community, make new friends, change your life in a positive way and create a lifetime of memories. Consider the pricing on this to be $1/ week and your purchase is helping us keep the movement going.

This medal will be sent to you after you place your order, so you can choose to order early or order after you have finished all your 52 hikes. If you are ordering before you finish the challenge, we know this is the greatest motivator to completing your goal and we want you to be successful! If you have finished the challenge, we are honored and we thank you. We also appreciate you for choosing to commemorate your journey and supporting the 52 Hike Challenge!