Accessing Instagram and Facebook Live Chats

As we continue offering online live chats, we understand it isn't always easy to understand how join us. 
First thing to note is these classes are happening at the time we state in the promotional materials. For example, in the promo below we will be live at 5 p.m. on Facebook Live on 5/22.

For Instagram, you sign in to your profile, on the top feed of stories you will see a purple circle around our profile and the word LIVE on the bottom of our logo icon. You then click on the profile icon to join us. You can also learn more here: 

For Facebook, you log into Facebook and then go to our page at the time we are going live. You will see our video in the feed and you can click on it to join us. We also recommend you turn on Live notifications for us in Facebook. That will ensure you are notified when we are live. You can also click on the video icon at the bottom of the Facebook app at the scheduled live time and look for our live video by scrolling or searching! Here are a few articles to help you navigate:  

Don't forget, if you missed a Live chat, you can still access it on our Youtube
See you on a live soon!

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