Big Announcement!

We were dreaming of sharing the 52 Hike Challenge with the world and so far we are succeeding thanks to each an everyone of you who has helped us to spread the word about the challenge with your friends, family, social media followers and especially for tagging your photos with #52HikeChallenge. So far we have had people join us from the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Venezuela, Canada, Poland, Norway, Egypt, and all over the USA. If that wasn't awesome enough, our challengers have some inspiring stories that are impacting others along the way too! Some challengers include: cancer survivors, parents with their babies, dogs, grandparents, kids with autism, people who are losing weight, and even a 62-year old.

As some of you may know, we believe doing 52 hikes in a year will take you on some amazing adventures, create long lasting bonds and be a life-changing experience. Once you are done with the challenge, you will have the chance to share your short story and be published in our book next year!

Karla was dreaming that maybe, just maybe, the challenge could be turned into a documentary. Well, that became a reality when Phillip was approached by Sea to Summit Productions (instagram @seatosummitproductions) to create a documentary about the 52 Hike Challenge. We have started filming and want you to join us for the next segment of filming on February 21st at our beginner hike in Los Angeles, details HERE.

We are please to introduce you to the production team:

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