A powerful program created to help you RISE and achieve your personal summit - on and off the trails.

Gain freedom, empowerment, joy, and elevate through coaching, hiking, and self-inquiry.

Your journey to a supported, meaningful and fulfilling life starts here! 

Yes, I'm All In

Are you looking for a life-changing experience using both the outdoors and personal transformation modalities?  

Our program promises not just hiking adventures, but a transformative journey towards self-discovery and growth. We will teach you outdoor fundamentals, equip you with the tools for building confidence and motivation, as well as the mindset to get through life's obstacles and accomplish the goals you desire using founder Karla's 12-step method. Join us monthly or for a year-long journey.  

Step into a more meaningful and fulfilling life with our program and group coaching.

With our RISE program you will gain:   

 Mental & Physical Well-Being

Find peace, stress relief and a work-out! By the way, did we mention the views? 

Connection & Adventure

Get away from screens to bond with loved ones and yourself. Have fun and explore places you never imagined!

Courage & Confidence

Gain freedom, hope, empowerment & joy!

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We start together July 1, 2024 


Why The Rise Program?

Embarking on a journey of 52 hikes within a single year might initially feel daunting. The good news is that it is scientifically proven that breaking down big goals into smaller ones can help you succeed. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our meticulously crafted 12-step program, thoughtfully tailored to unfold over the course of each month, guiding you toward not just conquering, but surpassing, your hiking and personal growth aspirations.

If that wasn’t enough, these steps are aimed to help you mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally throughout the course of your life. Each month will have a unique thematic focus, complemented by a nurturing community, and personalized guidance by Karla, founder of the 52 Hike Challenge.

So, gear up and get ready to embark on a transformative journey that promises not only breathtaking landscapes but also profound personal growth. 

Complete the whole year or only sign up for the months you feel are relevant to you.

Join Us

Join 52 Hike Challenge founder Karla as she share the steps that led her overcome many obstacles in her life and achieve more than she ever thought possible for herself. Karla healed from her divorce, emotional pain, and found confidence, empowerment and success along the way. Since then she has inspired a worldwide movement to get outdoors hiking 52 times in a year, and now is here to coach you through your own transformation!

Join us as we delve into your mindset, overcoming obstacles, so we may find freedom, healing, and our power, together. 

Choose to join for the complete year or month to month! 

RISE August 2024 Program
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RISE August 2024 Program
RISE Social  (1).png__PID:57fa5e2f-5794-4f28-98d6-dfe98264059d

RISE August 2024 Program

RISE July 2024 Program
RISE July 2024 Program

RISE July 2024 Program

RISE 2024 Program
RISE 2024 Program

RISE 2024 Program


Meet Your Coach

12 Months/Steps To Success 

  • Month 1 : A Call to Adventure - Saying “Yes” to Yourself! (Registration opens June 15 for a July 1 start)
  • Month 2: Acceptance (Registration opens July 15 for a August 1 start)
  • Month 3: Taking Responsibility  (Registration opens August 15 for a September 1 start)
  • Month 4: Commitment (Registration opens September 15 for a October 1 start)
  • Month 5: Desire and Action  (Registration opens October 15 for a November 1 start)
  • Month 6:  Knowledge and Education  (Registration opens November 15 for a December 1 start)
  • Month 7: Just Be  (Registration opens December 15 for a January 1 start)
  • Month 8: Surrender  (Registration opens January 15 for a February 1 start)
  • Month 9: Forgiveness  (Registration opens February 15 for a March 1 start)
  • Month 10: Restoration  (Registration opens March 15 for a April 1 start)
  • Month 11: Reflection  (Registration opens April 15 for a May 1 start)
  • Month 12: Pay It Forward & Celebrating Yourself (Registration opens May 15 for a June 1 start)

FULL PROGRAM DATES: 7.1.24 - 6.30.25

This is a 12-month program, which is broken down into monthly sessions. Join us every month for a year, or join the months you resonate with. Either way, you’ll gain so much from each month’s teaching


  • Monthly teachings led by Karla to help you succeed on your journey (includes e-guides, journaling prompts, meditations, mantras, and more)
  • Monthly Group Coaching Sessions with Karla
  • Access to our Hiking 101 Course
  • Private community for support and inspiration 
  • Replay in case you miss a live session


This is totally for me, let's do it!

This program IS for you if you:

  • Want to gain valuable tools for self-care, self-love and dealing with life's ups and downs.
  • Are new to hiking and don’t know where to start or want to get back into hiking
  • Want to feel comfortable with planning your own adventures 
  • Want to get into better shape, mentally and physically
  • Desire more confidence and want to step into your power
  • Have more fun in your life

14-Day Money Back Guarantee*

*We absolutely know you will have a great experience, but if you are not satisfied let us know within 14- days of the start of your program and we will happily refund you 100% of your payment.  We look forward to helping you transform through the outdoors and thank you for trusting us throughout your journey!   

By signing up to take the 52 Hike Challenge, you are also acknowledging you are agreeing to our disclaimer & terms