Exciting Updates for February!

Hi Everyone!

We are thrilled to hear your stories, see your photos and allowing us to serve you. We have the most awesome community and we are so thankful for each an everyone of you!

A couple of announcements:

1. Our amazing friend, Vanessa aka @fr3ckles87,  created this #52HikeChallenge tracking sheet for you to use! With some minor modifications you may now download it HERE.

2. Phillip has been working diligently to help the groups and 52 Hike Challengers to connect. Please check our CHALLENGER CONNECTION to check out groups and meet other hiking buddies. Keep checking back as we will update often.

3. We want to remind you to be safe we don't want anyone getting hurt. This is a year long journey, take it slow - the hikes don't have to be long. We don't want you to have over use issues for doing to much to fast. We will be posting more safety advice soon!

4. SAVE THE DATE! We have picked our hike of the month, we will be hiking Santiago Peak in Orange County on 2/22 - more details to follow but this one is an ADVANCED hike.

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