Gear Review: Stay Alive Hiker's Pack

"Life happens. Disasters can occur at any moment. Our goal is to help you be prepared, be proactive and STAY ALIVE!" -Tamar Tashdjian, Founder Stay Alive Pack

Safety is the word when you're out on the trail. Which is why you must always (yes, always) carry your 10 essentials. But knowing exactly what to get, or even remembering to pack all of them, can be overwhelming for some. However, these items could save your life, and that's why we were so happy to test out the Stay Alive Hiker's Pack. This pack includes 8 of the necessary 10 essentials to stay safe on trail! Yes, you read that right. And they all come in a summit style pack for your convenience.

The backpack is lightweight and packable. Not the best daypack as it is flimsy and not at all supportive, but it does make a great summit pack if you're not wanting to carry your entire load all the way. One bonus is that the pack has a zipper instead of a drawstring! But the backpack is just a bonus. The real jewel is the emergency kit.

The kit inside the backpack is stocked full to the brim with all of your on-trail emergency essentials. We're still trying to figure out how founder Tamar Tashdjian manages to fit all that goodness into such a small space. We are super impressed!

Wondering exactly what the kit comes with? Take a look below:

Emergency blanket: (Qty. 1)
Poncho: (Qty. 1) 

Sawyer Water Filter – Mini: (Qty. 1) Also includes (1) 16 oz water pouch, (1) straw, and (1) cleaning syringe.

Fire Starter/Heat:
Lighter: (Qty. 1)
Hot Packs: (Qty. 1)

Navigating/Signaling Tools:
Compass + Carabiner:(Qty. 1)
Flashlight: (Qty. 1)
AAA Batteries: (Qty. 4)
Orange Trail Tape: (Qty. 1)
Whistle: (Qty. 1)

Additional Items:
Para-cord 550: (Qty. 1) Includes 9 strands-7white, 1 red tinder, 1 fish line.
N95 Respiratory Mask: (Qty. 1)
Tactical knife: (Qty. 1) Features glass breaker

Ibuprofen: (Qty. 4 tablets)
Aspirin: (Qty. 4 tablets)
Non-aspirin: (Qty. 4 tablets)

Benadryl: (Qty. 2 tablets)

Burn Gel + First Aid: (Qty. 2 packets)
Hydrocortisone Cream 1%: (Qty. 2 packets)
Triple Antibiotic Ointment: (Qty. 2 packets)

Wound Care:
Alcohol Pads: (Qty. 8)
Antiseptic BZK Towelettes: (Qty. 6)
White tape: (Qty. 1)
Exam Gloves: (Qty. 2)
Ace Bandage Wrap (Qty. 1)
Cotton Swabs: (5 half)
Band-Aids: (Qty. 15)

Additional Items:
Scissors: (Qty. 1)
Tweezers: (Qty. 1)
Nextemp: (Qty. 2)

Safety Pin: (Qty. 2)

Not only is this product great for throwing in your daypack before hitting the trail, but it's an overall awesome on the go survival kit. You could order a few and keep one in each of your family member's cars, one at home and one in the office. We are super excited about this product and hope that you are too! Order one today at


Disclaimer: 52 Hike Challenge received this product for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

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