Using the Cairn App to Track Your 52 Hikes!

Our friends at Cairn created a video showing how you can track your 52 Hikes using their app. The app is cool because it has local trails, you can track your hike and more! The app can even show you where you have cellular reception on the trail so you can rest assured in case of an emergency. Plus, it alerts your loved ones when you're on the trail and back safe to your car.

I, Karla, had the opportunity to meet and talk with Ali while in Seattle this year and was able to test the alert feature. I personally really liked it. It asked me to send a message and create a list of people alert when starting my hike. Then when my hike was over, it sent a message letting them know I was done. I don't know about you, but this is one feature well worth the annual fee alone, especially when getting out on the trails more than once a week. 

Check out the video Ali created on how to track your 52 hikes using the Cairn app here:

Everyone is eligible for a FREE 30-day trial, but finisher medal purchasers get 52 weeks for free:

  • Get 52 Free Weeks Premium Membership of the Cairn safety app, which helps you get home safely from any adventure. Keep your loved ones updated, find trail cell coverage (even when you don't have a signal), and download maps for offline use. 
  • Cairn is a budget alternative to expensive satellite communicators and PLBs.
  • Cairn allows you to record stats, save hikes, and shows total stats by year and month. 

We love Cairn and thank them for their support of the 52 Hike Challenge!

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