Chiricahua National Monument

For our 2nd pop-up hike of our Sawyer Arizona Tour we opted to explore Chiricahua National Monument, and boy are we glad we did!! What an incredible place! If you have not been, put it on the list right now. We camped and felt that you could easily spend two nights and 3 days exploring this park.

We had an amazing turnout and everyone was able to get an "I Hike For Health" pin from the park because we hiked more than 5 miles. We opted to hike from the visitor center to the Heart of Rocks, a total of 7.3 miles. Seriously, we got to meet so many beautiful souls and what a place, the rock formations are simply stunning.

Thank you so much to Camille from AZ Spirits Wild and Free, Darren from Arizona Hiking, our National Park partners Sue and Suzanne for helping us with this event. A special thank you goes out to everyone else who showed up and made this a fun hike!