Force of Nature: REI Empowers Women To Explore The Great Outdoors

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Are YOU a fearless female adventurer? Do you want to be?

REI Force of Nature

This year, REI is empowering women to step outside of their comfort zones and into the great outdoors. It’s called #ForceofNature, and it’s taking the nation by storm.

Right now REI is hosting thousands of events specifically designed for women like you who love being outside or want to start spending more time in nature.

Whether you’re located near the mountains of Colorado, the Georgia wilderness or the Arizona desert, there’s an inspiring outdoor event for you.

But Force of Nature is so much more than a series of amazing events with awesome women.

It’s a movement.

Not only is REI hosting over 1,000 outdoor experiences for women across the United States, but it’s also voicing the importance of “leveling the playing field” between men and women outdoors.

One way Force of Nature does this is by giving outdoor women a voice.

In a recent publication, they spotlighted 40+ fearless female artists, game changers and trailblazers whose words and artwork will empower you to get outside.

Force of Nature Helps Level the Playing Field By...

  • Creating outdoor programs designed for women like you
  • Encouraging even more women to get outside
  • Taking YOU outside your comfort zone

And so much more

It’s all in celebration of women in nature.

Here at 52 Hike Challenge, we're so proud to partner with REI for this game-changing series of experiences. We believe that all women have a place outdoors. Plus, nature is one of the most effective healers. 

So, why is it a good idea for YOU (and all women) to connect with nature?

Nature Helps You Stop “Shoulding” Yourself

Have you ever said…

  • I should do laundry
  • I should save money
  • I should stay in tonight
  • I should be more outgoing

If you’ve ever told yourself you “should” be a certain way or you “should” do a certain thing, stop right now.

Life is all about what you want to do and who you want to be. Not what you should do or who you should be.

And that’s what Force of Nature is all about.

Do you want to find the YOU you’ve been looking for?

Nature is your key to look and feel even better from the inside out.

In fact, a recent national study conducted by REI found that 85% of women believe that spending time outside has the power to help you improve your mental and physical health.

Spending time in nature can help you…

  • Clear your head
  • Unplug from electronics
  • Build mental and physical strength
  • Change the pace of your typical day
  • Feel more liberated than you’ve ever felt before

And so much more!

Not convinced? Here’s even more proof...

In REI’s most recent poll, 72% of women said nature makes them feel free.

Are YOU ready to feel free?

Check Out These Upcoming Force of Nature Outings, Classes & Events

What: Force of Nature Pop-Up: A Celebration of Wildness & Wellness

When: Saturday, September 15th

Where: Washington DC REI

Click here for more details

What: Women’s Introduction to Colorado Rock Climbing

When: Sunday, September 23rd

Where: North Table Mountain - Golden, CO

Click here for more details

What: Hiking the 4000 Footers of New Hampshire

When: Monday, September 24th

Where: Reading REI

Click here for more details

What: Women’s Campout with the Georgia Conservancy

When: Saturday, October 6th

Where: Unicoi State Park / Smith Creek Campground

Click here for more details

Not seeing what you’re looking for?


#OptOutside. You Won’t Regret it.