KRAVE Bar Review & January 2017 Pop-Up Hike

We are thrilled to share our first hike of the 2017 New Year is brought to you by KRAVE Jerky - and we'll be having Beef Jerky bags available for you to try out!  This hike will be held January 22nd at Griffith Park - RSVP HERE.

We also just got a sneak peak of their KRAVE bars.... wait, what? The first time we found out they were putting out a bar we were not really sure what this "bar" was going to be. However, once we received our sample pack, which included the 4 flavors – Mango Jalapeno, Chipotle Cherry, Cranberry Thyme, Wild Blueberry, we were excited to try these savory meat bars out.

We found these to be moist and compact for carrying on your trips. The bars are culinary inspired and protein-filled, they use the finest ingredients of quinoa, spices and fruit - giving you the perfect harmony between savory and sweet. The bars are all-natural,  gluten free, have no artificial ingredients, free from nitrites and lactid acid.

A few days later we went for a hike to a peak in Desert Valley National Park and I (Karla) was starting to get those mountain hunger pangs, I wanted something hearty. So I reached in my snack bag and pulled out a brand spanking new KRAVE wild blueberry bar. Honestly - it was so good, I scarfed it down before Phillip could have half of it (we share everything, but not this time though!) He was confused as I explained how delicious and juicy the bar was. Let's just say he was not a happy camper after I explained how good it was. Also, my phone ran out of battery that evening and I didn’t get a snapshot of me ravaging the bar, sparing you that image…

The KRAVE bars are available to the public now. Go to where you can order your own sampler or buy a box.

* We only endorse products we believe in and would purchase ourselves. We are happy to share with you our sponsorship from Krave Jerky, they have contributed to keep this awesome movement going, so be sure to check them out for your Jerky needs!