REI Outessa Summit Kirkwood Review and Recap

I, Karla was asked to speak and lead hikes at the first ever REI Outessa Summit. I want to be honest, I had no idea what to expect.

When I first arrived we were greeted by a beautiful tent, where I checked in and received so much swag- I was a little overwhelmed (in a good way.) We were also given a glass of champagne to inaugurate "opening day."

Afterwards, we had dinner and enjoyed a stunning sunset. :)

The next morning my friends and I woke up early to get our day going! We started off with a lovely morning meditation.

The first course I signed up for was the campfire cooking class by dirty GOURMET and boy was the class insightful and delicious! The wonderful ladies Aimee, Mai-Yan and Emily, showed us how to make stuffed peppers, mini sandwiches, and a cobbler that was to die for. However, my favorite part was the interaction and when they taught us how to properly build a campfire... something I knew nothing about.

Next, I took the Intermediate rock climbing class by REI and Petzl. Here's a photo of our group on our way to the crag!

I loved the one-on-one time I received in the class, it was only one other participant - Alyssa Ganong a writer for the Tahoe Weekly (check out this article she wrote), the instructor, and myself. The best part was being the first to ascend a new route, which I named "Volcan PK."

In the evening I got ready for my speech, not going to lie, I was nervous. In the end my speech turned out great and I was happy with my message. :)

Here is a sample of what my schedule looked like for Saturday...

This was Amy's tent where we enjoyed our Saturday and Sunday soulful morning meditation sessions by the wonderful Kristine Carlson.

After meditation, I co-lead a hike to high alpine Emigrant Lake, it was such a beautiful day with a surprise lift ride up to the trail head!

Walking through the forest was so lovely, we took in all the oxygen and happily hiked up to the lake where some of us decided to take a quick dip in it's refreshing water.

We commemorated our hike with a photo of our tribe. :)

I ended Saturday with a session by the talented Chris Bukard, who spoke on all things photography.

I was very happy to have been a part of this event. I learned new things- they had so many classes to choose from. There was a true sense of camaraderie and friendships made, the classes were instructed by true pros, and the talks were awe-inspiring.

I am looking forward to speaking and leading another hike on September 9-11, at Powder Mountain! It's not too late to join me. Get more details here or get a pass now, we have secured $52 off the 3-day event & camping using code "52Hikes52OFF" or $20 off a single day pass using code "Friend20" - all activities, meals, drinks are included.