Finisher Feature - Amber Walker: Facing the Peaks

"Just as I might have planned my course God established every step of my 52. By all the mountains  that had me in awe and left me inspired. He built my strength and endurance upon every step of dirt, exhausted breath, and demanding obstacles I faced in every valley and peak.

Amber Walker Finisher Story

It was a challenging year of covid, fires,grieving, and immense change that God played out the living word even more vividly before my eyes and in my heart. Reminding me to keep pressing on in the uncertain moments because despite every range of mountains everything finds completion only in Him. Just as in all sunrises and sunsets each color paints His glorious masterpiece. What a glorious  thing life holds in the valleys and peaks of this crazy adventure. To God be the glory forever and ever Amen.

Special thanks to my men who always encouraged me in this process to reach this crazy goal of mine. I love you both more than words!

To my mom who was our safety person and contact on the trails. Who I am sure prayed the hardest over our safety. We love you!

To my hike coaches Allison from She Dreams of Alphine who taught me immense skills and goal setting. Michelle from The Wandering Queen who is a few hikes away from her 52. She was my cheer queen along the process to the finish. To Karla Amador who is the creator and founder of the 52 hike challenge who inspired me to dig deep in hard seasons. Thank you ladies for your inspiration in this beautiful process as fellow woman hikers.

And to all the rest thank you for joining this adventurous journey with me God bless! More pics to come of the big day!"

What helped motivate you to finish the 52 Hikes Challenge?

"My husband and my son we were training for Machu Picchu"

Favorite Trails:

Twin Peaks Clayton California

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