Finisher Feature - Edder Silva: Motivation from Nature

"The 52 Hike Challenge made 2020 a bit easier for me. With all that started happening in regards to Covid, It was nice to have something fun to look forward to. Belonging to a group of friends that loved my same interests like love of nature, was exactly what I needed.

Edder Silva Finisher Story

I was always looking forward to meet up with them to explore and enjoy our surroundings together. We were able to admire so many beautiful trails with breathtaking views. It made me fall in love with this island of Oahu even more. way more it also helped me tremendously to surpass emotional obstacles, conquer fears and most importantly feel more confident about myself. I'll always be grateful and thankful that I decided to join in 2020. It was the perfect year to do this challenge. It was definitely what made 2020 doable for me. Thank you to my friend and all that supported and encouraged me through it."

What helped you stay motivated to finish the 52 Hike Challenge?

"Mother Nature kept me motivated"

Favorite Trails:

Alafia River Corridor Nature Preserve

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