Finisher Feature - Jeremy Paskins: A Single Dad's Journey

"As a single dad of two little girls, I struggled with depression and finding the motivation to get out of the house.

Even as a kid, I found that being in the woods would relax me. So I started taking them out to areas I knew. Then through luck, found the 52 Hike Challenge and used it to motivate me. One of my proudest moments is my girls with their pink leather hiking boots finding love in the same things I did as a kid. It has given me to the opportunity to teach them and discover new places. It has really helped me become a better dad."

Favorite Trail:
Walnut Woods

What helped you stay motivated to finish the challenge?
I kept a hiking log and led different groups. If even one person was going to show up, that was enough motivation for me.

What groups did you join?
Calorie Burning Candle Hikers

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